4Spot Marketing’s Innovative Optimization Catapults New Client to #1 Search Engine Results Ranking

Within 5 days of their launch, PlasticTongues.com sold enough product to more than pay for their new website and optimization

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 – 4Spot Marketing recently created a brand new website for family owned and operated PlasticTongues.com. Within 5 days, the small company had sold enough products to more than pay for the cost of premium website and optimization.

4Spot Marketing, which offers Google-optimized WordPress website design, helped PlasticTongues.com reach the #1 national search engine ranking within just 3 days of their new website’s launch.

According to Jeff Arnold, President at 4Spot Marketing, “Our website design division emerged from our SEO division. We realized that many websites with good visual appeal were horrid in regards to back-end structure and SEO optimization. We knew that if we designed nice websites that were Google-optimized from the ground up, we’d be able to see amazing results. The success of this website is a testament to how well-optimized our website are.”

PlasticTongues.com is one of many clients who have been catapulted to #1 Google rankings with the help of 4Spot Marketing. The 4Spot Marketing team says the key is in the design of their creatively optimized websites. More information can be found at https://4spotmarketing.com/.