Revealed: Here’s how PPC can effectively elevate your business to greater heights

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For some, marketing their jewelry store can be a miserable endeavor. *Sigh*, if only there was some super- advanced marketing tool that allowed you to immediately access your quintessential customer base 24/7. Hmm, and then imagine if this same tool could give your business unlimited exposure [...]

Jeweler Website Hits #1 in Google

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Google search rankings for retail jeweler Michele & Company’s website prior to the redesign by 4Spot Marketing. After launching the new Google-friendly website, the client is dominating the search results. Just 9 short days ago we launched the [...]

[VIDEO]: Google AdWords for Jewelers – Video Interview

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Jewelry Marketing Guy - AdWords for Jewelers Interview Below is an interview and the full transcript of the interview when Jimmy "The Jewelry Marketing Guy" DeGroot interviewed 4Spot Marketing's President, Jeff Arnold, about the use of Google AdWords and remarketing as part of a [...]

Google AdWords- an Investment Worth Making

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The virtual marketing world has changed quite a bit in recent years and Google AdWords is one of the platforms we can thank for that change. It is one of the most effective paid forms of online advertising out there. AdWords is used by entities of [...]

Customer Review: 4Spot Marketing has done an amazing job with our web page placement

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Here is a review that Kristal just posted to Google about working with us. 4Spot Marketing has done an amazing job with our web page placement. I am extremely happy with their service and appreciate how quick they are to respond to requests. [...]