Google Drive (Workspace Account) Integration: How to Connect Google Drive (Workspace Account) to Make

2023-08-29T00:29:09-07:00Business Automation|

Harness the power of Google Drive directly in Make. The following guide illustrates the steps for users with Workspace accounts to seamlessly integrate their Google Drive with Make: Connection Steps: Access Make: Sign in to your Make account. Navigate to the desired scenario and integrate a [...]

Salesforce Integration: How to Connect Salesforce to Make

2023-08-29T00:26:58-07:00Business Automation|

Salesforce modules in Make offer functionalities such as broadcasting messages, creating or modifying records, jobs, and executing API calls directly from your Salesforce account. Getting Started: Set Up a Salesforce Account: If you're not already a Salesforce user, you can set up your account on the Salesforce [...]

Google Drive (Free Account) Integration: How to Connect Google Drive (Free Account) to Make

2023-08-29T00:25:47-07:00Business Automation|

Elevate your workflow efficiency by integrating your Google Drive with Make. The following guide is tailored for users with personal Google Drive accounts: Prerequisites: You must have an active Google account. Make's operations with Google Drive comply with Google API Services User Data Policy. Step-by-step Instructions: [...]

Google Calendar Integration: How to Connect Google Calendar to Make

2023-08-29T00:24:31-07:00Business Automation|

Prerequisites: If you don't already have a Google account, set one up at Note: Any interaction of data between Make and Google through their APIs complies strictly with the Google API Services User Data Policy. Connection Process: Access the Make Platform: First, ensure you're logged into [...]

Google Sheets Integration: How to Connect Google Sheets to Make

2023-08-29T00:23:36-07:00Business Automation|

Prerequisites: You should have a Google account. If you haven't set one up yet, register at If you require instant triggers, make sure to install the Make Google Sheets extension. For instructions on installing the extension, click here. Note: The handling of data between Make and Google, [...]

OpenAI (DALL-E & ChatGPT) Integration: How to Connect OpenAI (DALL-E & ChatGPT) Account to Make

2023-08-29T00:22:16-07:00Business Automation|

Harness the capabilities of AI with OpenAI modules in Make, from chat completions and edits to image generations and more. Retrieve Your OpenAI Credentials: Log Into OpenAI: Access your OpenAI account tailored for DALL-E & ChatGPT. If you haven't set up an account yet, sign up [...]


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