[VIDEO]: Google AdWords for Jewelers – Video Interview

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Jewelry Marketing Guy - AdWords for Jewelers Interview Below is an interview and the full transcript of the interview when Jimmy "The Jewelry Marketing Guy" DeGroot interviewed 4Spot Marketing's President, Jeff Arnold, about the use of Google AdWords and remarketing as part of a jewelry store's marketing plan. <strong>Jim:</strong> Hey [...]

Benefits of SEO for Dentists and Orthodontists

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When your teeth start aching which is the first place you go to in search of information? When you start noticing slight discoloration in your teeth where do you turn to in search of simple remedies? The simple answer to these questions is the internet. The internet is one of the most valued resources when [...]

Understanding the Need for SEO for Funeral Homes

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Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, refers to a set of processes aimed at improving the rank of a website on a search engine like Google. If you want your funeral business website to be listed on the main page of Google searches, then you must do the necessary SEO for Funeral Homes. A good [...]

SEO for Vapor Shops and Smoke Shops

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The best thing about SEO for vapor shops is that you are certain of providing people with necessary tools to either make the change to a tobacco-free life (for ex-smokers), or provide the e-liquids and mods they need to enjoy the vaping lifestyle. That is why vapor shops promote benefits of electronic cigarette and vaping. But [...]

The Many Benefits of SEO for Jewelry Stores

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With more and more companies doing business online, including jewelry stores, the challenge is not only for one company to have a website, but to optimize their online presence. This is quite difficult, but only if you do not know the right strategies to be executed. Among others, one that can prove to be most [...]

5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Jewelry Marketing Company

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Marketing for jewelers is no day at the beach. It seems like no matter how hard you try, there is always a new competitor ready to usurp your clientele with their flashy jewelry website design and expensive jewelry marketing schemes. In order to get the most bang for your marketing buck, you should hire a [...]

3 Ideas To Increase SEO With Your Jewelry Website Design

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No matter how skilled you are or how great you may think that your jewelry website design or jewelry marketing techniques, everyone runs into a wall eventually. The only way over this wall is to increase your website's search engine optimization. While this can sound like a scary, complex term to some, search engine optimization [...]

Who is Promising 100% SEO Success?

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SEO success is very important in your overall marketing plan. Google, Bing and other search engines bring your page to the attention of people that are searching for you! Making sure that you show up at the top of these search engines can be tricky, as they change their algorithms regularly and it effects how [...]

Tips for Improving SEO for WordPress Websites

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This article will give you more insight into SEO for WordPress and how you can help boost your rankings. SEO for WordPress Websites In a market full of competition, small and mid-sized businesses may find it hard to go head-to-head with each other, as well as with the big-wigs in the industry they are operating. [...]

SEO Success: SEO for Vapor Shops and Smoke Shops

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The first question we always seem to receive when we talk to a new prospective client is "How long will it take before I see SEO results?"  When you do SEO for vapor shops (or any other industry, for that matter), it is impossible to guarantee anything (as we don't own Google).  However, we have [...]

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