Important SEO Strategies for Jewelry Stores

2022-01-26T21:01:01-07:00Jewelry Store Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Success|

Most online jewelers seem to understand the importance search engine optimization has on web traffic, but it’s amazing how many don’t take the initiative to implement the basic tactics. The few that do, are genuinely happy with the results. Sometimes even having to restructure the way [...]

SEO for Vape Shops – Success Story

2022-01-25T20:56:02-07:00SEO Success, Smoke and Vapor Shop Websites, Success Stories|

SEO is a critical component to a vape shop's online marketing.  Google bans the advertising of vape shops and vaping products since they are classified as 'tobacco' products, so the only way you can be sure to have a presence in the search engines is [...]

The Developers Guide to the WordPress Database (and Writing Better Code)


Though it may seem cumbersome to handle, the WordPress database is the glue to everything on the front-end. Hence any developer should have thorough understanding of how it works, to build foolproof themes and plugins. Read on to gain a clear picture of the database and [...]

Top Ways Marketing Automation Can Increase Your Sales

2022-01-22T20:12:42-07:00Business Automation, needs featured image|

Are you familiar with the wonderful benefits of marketing automation? How does a product that will streamline, automate, and monitor redundant marketing tasks sound? You’re probably thinking such a tool would be amazing, but a good automation platform should be about more than making things simpler [...]


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