Google AdWords Work for Funeral Homes

2022-08-09T19:00:58-07:00Funeral Home Marketing, Google AdWords & Remarketing|

All funeral homes share the same problem when trying to gain new clients. That common denominator is local competition. You are probably wondering if there is anything you can do to solve this. This article contains the perfect solution for all innovative funeral directors who are [...]

Client Testimonial – Michael Manley

2022-08-09T08:15:53-07:00Client Testimonials|

Michael Manley 5 Stars – Thumbs Up. Whatever indicates “great job”, that’s what I want to say. Jeff and his team helped us build an end-to-end system for the national launch of our eliquid brands. They did it all. They did the website design, SEO, integrated [...]

Improving SEO Keyword Research: Here’s what you might be missing!

2022-08-07T17:00:47-07:00needs featured image, Search Engine Optimization|

One of the most essential facets of SEO for jewelry stores is undisputedly keyword research. In fact, the thought of starting a campaign without factoring in keyword research is tantamount to suicide. So before any campaign kicks into high gear, one ought to have highlighted the [...]

Client Testimonial – Jaclyn Kelly

2022-08-08T08:13:43-07:00Client Testimonials|

Jaclyn Kelly As a small business owner, I needed to hire a company to help me with my website, SEO and email marketing so I could focus on content creation. The support I received at 4Spot Marketing exceeded my hopes and expectations. They offer tremendous value [...]

Client Testimonial – Matt Ball

2022-08-07T07:54:04-07:00Client Testimonials|

Matt Ball The term expert is often used lightly; however, in this case the classification is completely appropriate. The level of skill exhibited by Jeff Arnold and his team while working on my company’s Keap projects was amazing. Yours truly, Matt Ball


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