Customer Review: Hibu Visibility Report

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One of our funeral home SEO clients emailed us today to let us know that she had one of her internet marketing reps stop by to give them an overview of how well they are doing.  They are dominating the Internet in their area.  You can [...]

SEO for Funeral Homes: SEO Success with a Funeral One Website

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4Spot Marketing has established success in doing SEO for funeral homes and the funeral home industry. Below is a quick outline of a success story for a funeral home client for whom we recently started performing search engine optimization services. SEO for Funeral Homes This client [...]

Understanding the Need for SEO for Funeral Homes

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Search engine optimization, commonly called SEO, refers to a set of processes aimed at improving the rank of a website on a search engine like Google. If you want your funeral business website to be listed on the main page of Google searches, then you must [...]

SEO for Funeral Homes

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  Keyword/ Keyword Phrase Average monthly Searches 1.    cremation 2.    27,100 3.    funeral homes 4.    27,100 5.    embalming 6.    14,800 7.    caskets 8.    9,900 9.    funeral arrangements 10.  3,600 11.  memorial service 12.  2,900 13.  funeral home 14.  9,900 15.  hearse 16.  22,200 17.  coffins 18.  [...]