Jeweler Website Hits #1 in Google

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Google search rankings for retail jeweler Michele & Company’s website prior to the redesign by 4Spot Marketing. After launching the new Google-friendly website, the client is dominating the search results. Just 9 short days ago we launched the [...]

Improving SEO Keyword Research: Here’s what you might be missing!

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One of the most essential facets of SEO for jewelry stores is undisputedly keyword research. In fact, the thought of starting a campaign without factoring in keyword research is tantamount to suicide. So before any campaign kicks into high gear, one ought to have highlighted the [...]

5 Reasons Why SEO Should Be Important to Your Vape Shop

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These days it is common knowledge how important SEO is to a business’s website, but surprisingly not many vape shop businesses utilize the most basic SEO tactics. Once they finally decide to implement a few SEO tactics, they never understand why they procrastinated for so long. [...]

SEO for Vape Shops Websites

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Local SEO Services Vape shop owners seeking SEO recognition, ask yourselves the following questions:   What is my vape shop’s online past – and even present – business success rate by stats and numbers? • How much will all of this cost me, and will it [...]

Important SEO Strategies for Jewelry Stores

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Most online jewelers seem to understand the importance search engine optimization has on web traffic, but it’s amazing how many don’t take the initiative to implement the basic tactics. The few that do, are genuinely happy with the results. Sometimes even having to restructure the way [...]

SEO Strategy for the Upcoming New Year

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The current year has brought a completely new group of advances in the way businesses are marketing their services and products. Marketers have been using SEO much more frequently work on improving their Google rankings. With more than 12 billion internet searches per month, SEO is [...]