Once again, we have dramatically helped boost a client’s website rankings with our jewelry SEO services.  This client had a Punchmark website.

Jewelry SEO Success

Punchmark is one of the leading jewelry website providers, so we found it very important to make sure that we could optimize one of their websites to show up at the top of the search results.  Their websites allow us back-end access to get to the META data, so we are able to go in and work our magic on their sites.

With this particular client, they were in an rural area that drew people from up to 2 hours away.  We were able to optimize their website for their hometown, along with three of the major surrounding towns spanning that 2-hour driving radius.

SEO Results

Below are the results of their Google rankings increase from our SEO services.

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In all, 328 of 329 keyword phrases went up.  That’s a 99.7% success rate with the keywords selected.

Not only did the SEO success that we had with their website dramatically increase their Google rankings, but their overall website traffic more than doubled during that timeframe due to their increased rankings.

Free Google Ranking Analysis

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