We have a client in Wisconsin who has a side business of providing heated storage units for RVs, motor homes, and car collections in the Central Wisconsin area.  He wanted to get his website revamped and built with Google-optimization in mind, so he asked us to redo the site in WordPress.  We put together a new site, optimized the images and the META data for the SEO success terms that he wanted.  Look at these awesome results!

SEO Success – Local WordPress Website

We revamped the site (see before/after photos), but more importantly, we optimized for the specific search phrases for which he wanted to be sure to rank.


jaz before 2
jaz before 1

We checked the site rankings for the target phrases before making the site live.  Only two phrases ranked, but they were down in the 30+ range, which meant that they were completely irrelevant for searchers.

We launched the new website on a Friday afternoon.  On Monday morning, out of curiosity, we ran the report to see if the new site had been indexed and if the rankings had changed.

Wow — what a huge SEO success in only 3 days!

This image shows the 76% visibility increase, as well as a summary of the number of phrases that jumped into the top positions.Search_Engine_Rankings_Report_JAZ Storage_jazstorage.com_2015-07-13_Page_1

While this image shows the individual search phrases, their rankings increase, and their current Google ranking position.

seo success - wordpress seo success

They went from being completely irrelevant in the search rankings to being on the first page for just about every phrase, with 1/2 of the phrases in the Top 3!

These rankings jumped in just 3 DAYS!!

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