Several times now I have had an issue where I have worked with a client (or my own) WordPress website and had an issue where the blog post title would show on the blog page, but no excerpt would show … and then when I went into the blog post the content would not show on the page.

This drove me nuts until I found a post that outlined the issue.  Apparently, WordPress limits the size of the blog post, and if it exceeds a certain size, it won’t show the content of the blog post.  I don’t know all of the technical details behind it, but I found that this solved my issue (each time).

  • Go into the wp-config.php file (via FTP).
  • Make a copy of it ‘as is’
  • Paste this down under the ‘define’ section of the code:
/** Trick for long posts */
  • Save your wp-config.php file (and re-upload to the directory, if necessary)
  • Go back and refresh your page, and your blog post content should be showing.

As always, make a back-up of your site and all files involved before editing anything.  It’s always best to be sure that you can easily revert back to the original settings.