Elevate your workflow efficiency by integrating your Google Drive with Make. The following guide is tailored for users with personal Google Drive accounts:


  • You must have an active Google account.
  • Make’s operations with Google Drive comply with Google API Services User Data Policy.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Access Google Cloud Console:
    • Navigate to Google Cloud console and sign in using your Google credentials.
    • Click on ‘Select a project’ > ‘NEW PROJECT’. Input a preferred project name and click ‘CREATE’.
    • Choose the project you’ve just created.
  2. Enable Necessary APIs:
    • Navigate to ‘APIs & Services’ > ‘Library’.
    • Look for and activate the following essential APIs:
      • Cloud Resource Manager API
    • As you input, relevant service options will appear. Choose the API/service you wish to use with Make.
    • Click ‘ENABLE’ for the chosen API.
  3. Configure OAuth Consent Screen:
    • Go to ‘APIs & Services’ > ‘OAuth consent screen’.
    • Opt for the ‘External’ choice and click ‘CREATE’.

    Note: No charges apply for selecting this option. Refer to Google’s verification requirement exceptions for detailed insights.

    • Populate the requisite fields:
      • App name: E.g., Make
      • Authorized domainsmake.com
    • Bypass ‘Scopes’ and ‘Optional info’ sections. Click ‘Save and Continue’.
    • Under ‘Test Users’, click ‘ADD USERS’. Provide the email address of the user intended for testing the app.
  4. Create Client Credentials:
    • Move to ‘Credentials’. Click ‘+CREATE CREDENTIALS’ and pick the ‘OAuth Client ID’ option.
    • Populate the following:
    • Post submission, a dialog showcasing the app’s ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ will pop up. Safeguard these details for future use.

Important Note: Authorizations provided by a test user are temporary and will expire seven days after granting consent. As of now, Make’s Google Drive module doesn’t allow users to set custom parameters for prolonging the authorization duration.

Congratulations! You’ve effectively set up Google Drive for your personal account on Make. Dive in and explore the myriad functionalities now accessible to you.