Jeweler Website Hits #1 in Google

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Google search rankings for retail jeweler Michele & Company’s website prior to the redesign by 4Spot Marketing. After launching the new Google-friendly website, the client is dominating the search results. Just 9 short days ago we launched the new and improved website for Michele & Company jewelers [...]

Another Jewelry Industry Marketing Success Story

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Well, we did it again! We have another jeweler website that has jumped by leaps and bounds right after launch with Jewelry Industry Marketing. Here is a website for a retail jeweler in Florida.  We created a new Google-optimized website for them.  We made it go live, and less than a week later they had [...]

Vape Shop SEO: Success Story

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With Google banning vape-related advertising Google AdWords, organic search rankings have become extremely important.  Here is a quick overview on the SEO success with a vape shop website that we've had. When they started with us, they had a Lightspeed ecommerce platform website.  We started doing vape shop SEO for the site and got an [...]

SEO for Vape Shops – Success Story

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SEO is a critical component to a vape shop's online marketing.  Google bans the advertising of vape shops and vaping products since they are classified as 'tobacco' products, so the only way you can be sure to have a presence in the search engines is to be sure that you are showing up in [...]

Customer Review: Hibu Visibility Report

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One of our funeral home SEO clients emailed us today to let us know that she had one of her internet marketing reps stop by to give them an overview of how well they are doing.  They are dominating the Internet in their area.  You can view her comment below.  Here is a link to [...]

SEO Success: Immediate #1 Rankings for eCommerce Website

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4Spot Marketing’s Innovative Optimization Catapults New Client to #1 Search Engine Results Ranking Within 5 days of their launch, sold enough product to more than pay for their new website and optimization LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, FEBRUARY 10, 2016 - 4Spot Marketing recently created a brand new website for family owned and operated Within [...]

Local SEO Success: Instant SEO Success with Local WordPress Site

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We have a client in Wisconsin who has a side business of providing heated storage units for RVs, motor homes, and car collections in the Central Wisconsin area.  He wanted to get his website revamped and built with Google-optimization in mind, so he asked us to redo the site in WordPress.  We put together a [...]

SEO Success: SEO for Vapor Shops and Smoke Shops

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The first question we always seem to receive when we talk to a new prospective client is "How long will it take before I see SEO results?"  When you do SEO for vapor shops (or any other industry, for that matter), it is impossible to guarantee anything (as we don't own Google).  However, we have [...]

SEO for Funeral Homes: SEO Success with a Funeral One Website

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4Spot Marketing has established success in doing SEO for funeral homes and the funeral home industry. Below is a quick outline of a success story for a funeral home client for whom we recently started performing search engine optimization services. SEO for Funeral Homes This client has a website designed and hosted by funeralOne. As [...]

Jewelry Marketing Success Story – SEO Ranks Jump from New Jewelry Website

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Here is one more success story for a new website that we launched last week.  In just one week, the website has jumped straight to the top of Google. We doubled the visibility of the site. We got 35 new #1 rankings. We got 41 phrases into the Top 3. We got 28 phrases onto [...]