4Spot Marketing has established success in doing SEO for funeral homes and the funeral home industry.

Below is a quick outline of a success story for a funeral home client for whom we recently started performing search engine optimization services.

SEO for Funeral Homes

This client has a website designed and hosted by funeralOne. As you can see, in just two short months we have been able to drastically improve their search rankings, gaining 9 new #1 positions, 9 new Top 3 positions and 34 new positions in the Top 10 (first page) of Google.

Overall, of the 121 phrases that we tracked (across three search engines), 119 went up, and only 2 went down — that’s a 98% success rate on all phrases across all three search engines!

If you are a funeral home owner and would like to find out more about how SEO for funeral homes can help you increase your business by getting your website to rise above the rest, please contact us for a free website and search ranking analysis and we will let you know if we may be able to help.