Now that we finalized part one of combining our Facebook ads with Google AdWords, we’re going to get started with the second part of this 4-blog edition. This time around, we’’ll be finding out how to get new prospects on Facebook by targeting TOFU keywords. So let’s get started, shall we?

What is a Top Funnel searcher?

A top of the funnel searcher is one that is typically looking for education about a given topic. They might eventually buy what they were searching for, but they are first looking to do a basic research to get more info about the kind of subject that they are looking for. Compared to regular buyers who use phrases such as ‘store’ or ‘discount’, TOFU searchers utilize phrases and words such as ‘how do I’

Before creating top of funnel content that will get searchers coming your way, here are a couple of goals that you’ve got to keep in mind.

  1. The goal is to educate them
  2. You need to attract them to visit your site once more.
  3. You also need to focus on how to establish a deeper connection with them. Perhaps you might incite them to subscribe to your newsletter, or maybe request them to join your webinar, eBook download. Or connect them to your social media.

Lookalike audiences

Using lookalike audiences on Facebook is a great way to find new customers that have similar characteristics to the customer list that you currently have.

This is a great tactic for advertisers especially those who feel like they have over utilized their current search inquiries in their given industries.

In turn, new users get to take an interest in your product or service, enabling you to put them into your funnel so that you can later push them down whenever they make a search for a given informational keyword.

Focusing on Awareness

Ideally, I would advise one to use a Facebook lookalike audiences to discover and to get in touch with new potential customers; especially utilizing awareness ads on Facebook. This in turn helps new leads get exposed to the products and services that they offer.

To get this done, you will first have to create a new campaign that’s aimed to target a lookalike to one of your existing audiences.

For starters, you can utilize a lookalike of the current page likes that you have. However, do not that you have the ability to create lookalikes from either website audience data or the customer lists.

Once you have primed the audience with ads that are conveying messages about your services as well as products, it’s more likely they will surf the net more info on the services and products that you are currently advertising.

At this juncture, you need to have been aptly prepared with your relevant search ads.

Research keyword phrases

For you to do this, you’ll first have to research the phrases and keywords that your potential customers might be utilizing to search on info pertaining to your products and services. A great tool to use is AnswerthePublic.

Once you get the necessary data, you have the all you need to begin a brand new campaign utilizing the TOFU (top of the funnel) keywords. You can now add the Facebook audience list (that was initially transferred over through UTMS and then segmented within Google Analytics) as part of your target. When bidding, ensure that only the brand new users that took the time to click through your Awareness ads will be the ones eligible to view the said campaign.

And there you have it; in order to know more about using TOFU keywords to harmonize your Facebook ads together with AdWords, contact 4Spot Marketing today. You can email us at or call us at 702-721-9763. We offer a free consultation to determine what approach will serve your company best.