Have you ever wondered what that extra option was for marketing yourself and making your business or brand presence known? Well, have you considered Facebook advertising? Let there be no confusion: Facebook advertising truly is one of the leading causes of site visitors out there today. Just think about it: When people browse Facebook, what’s the last thing they’re expecting to see? Is it not ads? If you answered so, then you guessed correctly, but that’s also the whole beauty of it!

Facebook ads, when least expected, can generate massive amounts of clicks, views and eventually, affiliate purchases. Why didn’t I think of first? If I had, in fact, I would’ve been ahead of Facebook and made more than Zuckerberg already has in his lifetime. But, the early bird gets the worm. He who initiates the idea first is the one to reap the benefits.


Regardless, anyone can still get a piece of the action – even you. Since you didn’t create the concept of Facebook ad marketing – or even Facebook itself – you can’t claim full profits from each click or site visit. But don’t dismay, because you know what you CAN do? You can join as an ad affiliate and get your name out there. This will open the door for a wealth of other opportunities and, yes, I did say “wealth”!


The first thing you must do, of course, is create a Facebook account. The next steps may take weeks, months or longer, depending upon your innate ability to gain or retain a massive following. When you hit a certain amount of followers, page likes, subscribers or “fans”, you can then get into business – where the real earnings are at. You can then create a business page or Facebook company page, one from which you can hope to attract even more followers and viewers, in turn. Then, you need to either apply as a Facebook ad affiliate or allow Facebook to come to you with an invitation!


Whenever Facebook sees potential in an account, profile or page, it gladly takes its risks and hopes to further invest. Make that next ‘luck person’ you, and you could find yourself in with the big sharks. Would you like some wine what that cheese, monsieur?


Anyways, getting long-term Facebook ad success, like with any other marketing endeavor, is far easier said than done. Yet it is possible for everyone who persists, and we all need to start somewhere. For you, that first step could perhaps involve reaching out to your local target audiences or even finding out who they are, rigorously assessing your demographics. Ask yourself: What sorts of people do you think may benefit most from your product or service, and does its current advertising appeal to them?


For other beginners, that “first step in the right direction” could perhaps include taking a quick crash course or two on the makings of SEO and online advertising for click-ad revenue – or anything in that realm. There’s a whole world that lies underneath, and the amount of information offered out there is nearly endless, so take advantage of all that you can. If money is an issue, simply look into dozens of countless free online resources in the form of courses, websites with blog posts on the topic, YouTube videos and even reaching out to successful experts in this field by means of LinkedIn or some other social media platform.

Did you know you can even create – or have a marketing brand strategy team create for you – your very own series of ad videos as well? That’s right: You no longer have to be held down by all the “rubble and dubble” of traditional content post or photo click ads because you want to take things a step further. 20-second videos, 25-minute videos or anything somewhere in between, Facebook can make it happen. Just remember that you must make as great an investment as you hope to make in returns. In other words, invest wisely, but be willing to take a few risks if you really want to thrive in this competitive market.

If you want more “clickers”, you must invest into more campaigns. You must apply strategy. And, ultimately, you must persevere.