For any advertising website, whether it’s a jewelry store or any other ecommerce store, it’s essential that keyword and targeting overlap is avoided at all costs. Despite knowing this, many digital marketing advertisers still find it difficult to do so. And even if you are still bound by the constraints of owning a single account for online marketing, accidents and mistakes still happen.

However, the complexities increase tenfold especially when you are working with a large number of company divisions and related brands. Hence, if not carried out in the right manner, running ads for a series of multiple brands can prove catastrophic. For starters, it can lead to poor traffic funneling, self-competition, and consequently result in an underwhelming return of investment. Therefore, when utilizing these kind of accounts, here are some of the things that you need to pay attention to:

Remarketing Overlap

Account Division

Keyword/ Search Query Overlap

Budget and Goal monitoring

If each of the aforementioned items is payed attention to, then avoiding overlap can be a simple and effective process.

Account Division

The first thing you’ve got to consider before using multiple accounts to execute different ads is whether you even need it in the first place. Because as you know, having separate accounts creates a series of complexities in itself. For starters, it increases the chances of self-competition exponentially. In turn, this increases CPC costs. Then there’s the whole aspect of forced bulk changes that need to be made in different areas via platforms aggregators such as Aquisio or Kenshoo; not to mention the whole aspect of MCM management. While not as complex as one might assume, it also increases the time taken to execute routine tasks such as ad testing, bidding, and search query management. And in the case of some platforms, it will also increase the number of insertion orders and invoices!

That being said, there are still quite a number of advantages that would have any advertiser using multiple accounts for varying company divisions.

  • Separate billing- One can have different, unique, and individual invoices for their different clients.
  • Separation of account history necessary- This in turn, makes historical numbers quite easy to compare and contrast.
  • Eases budgeting- There is no need for separation of totals as each account division can be calculated quickly.
  • Division of different account teams– You can have more than one team handling each account, hence improving automation, bid strategies, and avoiding errors.
  • Creates more than one single domain-As a rule of thumb, it’s vital that one has one account for each website domain.

Hence, if you have met most of the aforementioned criteria, then you are rightly suited to control multiple accounts.

Keyword Overlap

When handling and strategizing on multiple accounts that happen to avail similar offers and services, it’s crucial that both search query overlap, as well as keyword overlap are limited. If laxity takes place, then you can rest assured that unproductive traffic funneling, self-competition, and inconsistent results will be the highlights of your advertising strategy. In fact, when launching parallel account divisions, you need to first consider whether they will be a geographical overlap taking place. To do this, run a quick analysis that helps you locate a common keyword between your accounts.

Of note is that even in the event that there are no shared keywords, there’s still a likelihood of considerable overlap. It’s highly recommendable that you run the same analysis as much as you can to make sure that you have effective account separation.

Remarketing Overlap

Apart from keyword overlap, it’s vital that you have a clear distinction when it comes to your remarketing audiences. In the event that you have decided on multiple accounts despite having only one domain, then the chances of remarketing overlap is quite high. Thankfully, there are various ways you can monitor your audience overlap

  • Lists that focus on specific URL strings
  • Every visitors list
  • Lists that contain lesser conversions which were utilized for lead nurturing

To be successful in this endeavor, you’ve got to have a very passionate approach when it comes to audience creation as well as implementation. Not only will this result in better ad copies, but also avoid any kind of ad fatigue.

Goal tracking and budgeting option

Last but certainly not least, one needs to take a look at goal tracking and budgeting portions when running said campaigns for varying account divisions. Nine times out of ten, each segment of each account will have its own goal as well as budget to be spent. The best way to keep track of these features is to utilize filters that improve account efficiency. It’s also vital that you create noteworthy PPC reports to highlight the numerous budgets and goals presented. This will definitely improve customization.

In summary, avoiding overlap of your varying PPC accounts requires plenty of time, effort, and dedication. And if you’d like to do so, contact 4Spot Marketing today. You can email us at or call us at 702-721-9763. We offer a free consultation to determine what approach will serve your company best.