Do you ever find yourself mindlessly filling out forms in a sales environment? Are you dreading the calls that follow because you’re not sure if the information you’re giving will be used in the right way? If so, this may be something you want to look at changing. 

That’s because software can be used to address just about any workflow management issue. In fact, there are so many benefits that come from using a workflow software solution that it’s worth looking into what these products can do for your company. 

You may think that only software developers and tech geeks understand all of the advantages of working with a workflow software solution. But even if this is the case, using a digital workflow tool can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Let’s explore why:

The Benefits of a Workflow Software

There are many benefits to using a workflow software solution. We’ll go over some of these below, but first, it’s important to understand what the primary benefit of using a workflow software solution is. The primary benefit of using a workflow software solution is to help your company stay organized and on-task. Your company’s workflow needs to be organized. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, but a workflow software solution can make it easier. 

Streamline Processes and Workflow

When it comes to streamlining processes, workflow software solutions come with a lot to offer. Some of the main benefits of using a workflow software solution include: 

Field Inspections

What happens in your sales teams’ face-to-face meetings? How do you make sure your representatives are following the proper process? With so much at stake, it’s important to make sure that anyone who interacts with your customers is following the proper procedures. 

Fortunately, field inspections can be used to verify whether a process is in place. At the end of each sales cycle, representatives are supposed to conduct a face-to-face meeting with their customers. But what happens when you have a lot of faces to greet, and you simply don’t have the time to go through each one? 

With a workflow tool, you can create a code that will automatically pull relevant data from your CRM and send a message to the right person. For example, you can create a workflow to automatically pull your representatives’ performance reviews and send them an email. You can also set up a virtual meeting with your team to discuss the state of the business.

Onboarding and Training

When someone first signs up for a new task or position, it’s important to onboard them properly. The same can be said for training new team members. You don’t want to begin a training program without any expectations. You should have a clear understanding of what the course of study is about and why it’s important. 

Unfortunately, many companies have a problem with this. People are expected to know a lot about very little. With a workflow tool, you can instantiate clear expectations for your team members. For example, you can set up a training program that automatically sends their performance review a note. 

You can also assign specific topics to be discussed at each meeting and have an automated tool that records each conversation. Anytime a new team member reports for duty, you can look through the log to see what questions they were asked and what issues they were addressed. This way, you can automatically add that person to the appropriate course of study.


If your business uses an automated approval process, you’re in luck. Automating approval processes can help reduce the number of approvals needed. This, in turn, can save you time and money. 

For example, say you sell insurance. Before you can sell any policies, you have to go through a process called approval. Automating approval can save you from making mistakes because you can simply create a workflow to automatically pull data from your CRM and send a message to the appropriate person. 

You won’t have to spend time going through all the approvals again and again.

Audits and Compliance

All of the benefits above can apply to any industry. But what about the food service industry? After all, no code is needed for that. And yet, many food service companies find that having a good workflow helps them meet regulatory requirements. 

For example, food service companies that use an SSAE-42-compliant scheduling system have reduced cash shortages. The bottom line is that having a workflow solution can help your business stay compliant and improve operational efficiency.

Save Time and Money

One of the most obvious benefits of working with a workflow software solution is saving time and saving money. Let’s look at these two examples. 

Saved Time

You won’t have to spend hours going through forms and checking boxes just to get the data you need. 

A workflow solution will do all the work for you, making your job easier. 

Saved Money

With a workflow solution, you won’t have to spend money on tools and software that you don’t need. This saves you time because you won’t have to search for what tools you need and then figure out which company provides them. With a workflow solution, you just need the right software.

Increase Productivity by 70%

One of the biggest productivity boosters that a workflow software solution can offer is to make your day-to-day tasks easier. Let’s look at two examples: 

Organize Your WIP

One of the most common issues that project teams face is having to constantly stop and reorganize their WIP. With a workflow software solution, you can create a WIP system that automatically moves tasks along a workflow, making it much easier to see which tasks need to be done next. 

Manage Your People

Another issue that many companies face is managing the number of people on their teams. With a workflow software solution, you can easily see at a glance who needs to do what and when.

Teamwork Perk

One of the teamwork perks of working with a workflow software solution is that you can do things by yourself, but it will be much more difficult. This is because the more intertwined your company is the more difficult it will be to maintain a workflow with just one person maintaining it. 

With a workflow solution, you can easily collaborate with other departments or teams without affecting the work of other team members.

You Can Trust Your Data

One of the biggest benefits of working with a workflow software solution is that it helps you stay secure. Let’s take a look at some of the things that a workflow solution can help you with:


Data in a workflow solution is encrypted at rest and in transit. This means that if someone hacks into your company’s switch or two-factor authentication systems they won’t be able to see what’s happening on the backend.


You can create user accounts that require one-time passwords or two-factor authentication, which is how you’ll be able to log into your company’s systems without having a password or access tokens hanging out in your drawer.


When it comes to managing access and restricting who has access to what, you can create “fog” or “walls” that separate departments or individuals. This way, only those with the proper “wt” (work-time) credentials can access your data.

Tip: Automate as Much as Possible

As you can see from the list above, there’s a lot to take in when it comes to the benefits of working with a workflow software solution. But that’s not the only benefit. Automation is key to everything that a workflow software solution does. Let’s focus on automation first: 

Create a Workflow

Through the workflow solution, you can create a repeatable process for your company’s tasks. This will make it much easier to ensure that your company follows proper procedures.

Create a Roadmap

A workflow solution can help you create a clear path to success. This may save you time by automating repetitive tasks, such as creating a schedule for your yearly inventory or creating a process for managing which customers to onboard in a month.

Track Results

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re first getting started with a workflow solution. But by tracking key metrics like time to value, the number of tasks completed, and the number of defects discovered, you’ll know exactly how your workflow is performing. – 


As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of benefits to working with a workflow software solution. So, if you’re in the market for a new platform, we highly recommend checking out With a streamlined experience, you’ll be able to focus on what matters—running your business.

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