Smart Links

This feature can be used to dynamically send your contacts to different landing/thank you pages based on criteria you define. It also combines the functionality of Action Links and allows you to apply tags or trigger API goals based on that same criteria.

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The blueprint of this feature has three main areas that are used to define conditions and logic:


All rules contain a redirect URL, an action (optional), and one or more groups. Rules are evaluated in order from top to bottom. If a rule is evaluated as true, the contact will be redirected to the URL provided and the feature will run the action (if specified).

In order for a rule to be evaluated as true, one of the groups inside that rule must be true. It can be any of the groups within that rule.


Each group contains one or more conditions. In order for the group to be evaluated as true, all of the conditions must be true. Groups are evaluated in order from top to bottom. If any of the groups evaluate to true, the rule will evaluate to true.


Conditions contain the parameters for whatever comparison it is you want to accomplish with the contact. There are five you can choose from:

  • Field values – Based on a value in a field.
  • Tags – Based on whether or not a contact record has a tag(s) on their record.
  • Email status – Based on the “Opt” status of a contact’s email address.
  • Date – Based on whether or not the date the contact clicked on a link is before, same as, or after the date found in a field, a specific date, the date a tag was applied, or the date the contact record was created.
  • Number of applied tags – Based on the number of records a specifc tag is applied to.

Fallback Settings

If none of the rules are evaluated as true the feature will go to the fallback settings and redirect the contact to the URL provided and run the action (if specified)

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