Date Calculator – What’s the Date?

Calculate a date by specifying various calculations to perform on a starting date.


Calculation Types

First, choose a start date to perform calculations on. Then click “Add a calculation”, to add and define a calculation. The Add/subtract a static number of months/days calculation type, does exactly that. Find the Nth day is for finding the Nth occurrence of a day of the week. Find the Nth date does the same thing, but instead of a day of the week, it looks for the date of a month. Find the Nth day of a month is for finding the Nth occurrence of a day of the week, starting from the beginning of the following, or previous, month. All calculations are performed in the order listed.

NOTE: Some calculation types have options that specifically say “currently or..”. These options will include the currently calculated date in their calculation. For example, assume a start date of September 12th, 2017, and the first calculation is to add 3 months. After that calculation is performed the currently calculated date would be December 12th, 2017, which is a Tuesday. If the next calculation reads “Find 2 Tuesday(s) after the above date.”, then the calculation result will be December 26th, 2017. However, if the next calculation read “Find 2 Tuesday(s) currently or after the above date”, then the calculation result result will be December 19th, 2017.

Store the resulting date

Use this section to store the final date result in a contact field. You can also specify a human readable format, and choose another field to store the human readable format in. You can also choose to only store the date, if the chosen field is empty.

Store a count to the calculated date

Use this section to store the number of days, or months, between the calculated date and the starting date. There is an option that allows you to store this number as a negative number, if the resulting date is before the starting date. You can also choose to only store this count, if the chosen field is empty

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