Pay Per Click Frequently Asked Questions

What is pay-per-click?

Pay-per-click is an advertising system in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google and Facebook make money.

What types of ads are available?

Google has five types of ads (Search/Text, Display, Mobile, Shopping, and Video), while Facebook has six types (Photo, Video, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection and Messenger). Based on the type of audience you are trying to reach, product/service you are offering, your unique selling proposition (USP), and desired goals that you have, our ad experts will custom-tailor the type of campaign that will work best for you.

Why do you call your Google AdWords display advertising “Ninja”?

Ninjas are stealth. They are sneaky. We’ve come up with a really cool way to make your display advertising super-effective. Digging deep down into the AdWords system, we are able to set up your ads so that they show to people who have visited particular websites – like your competitors’ sites. This means that if, for example, you are a jewelry store owner, you can have your ads show up in front of people who have visited your competitors’ sites, so you know that they have an interest in jewelry. Or, if you offer personal training, you could target people who have visited the sites of local gyms or weight loss websites.

Can I pick where I want the ads to show up?

With both types of pay-per-click systems, you pick the areas where you want your ads to show. If you want to target a specific area (radius around your location), we can easily target those people. If you wanted to target an area a little further away, we could target them with ads that say “worth the drive to …” because we know they are just a little farther away.

Which type of pay-per-click is most effective?

Both types of pay-per-click have specific benefits, and ‘effectiveness’ is really driven by your goals. Some ad types work better for driving clicks/engagement, others work great when you are trying to brand your company, and others are optimal for driving ecommerce purchases. After we gather the information that we need about your company, our ad experts will determine the best approach for your company to take.

How much does each click cost?

Costs per clicks vary based on the industry that you are in. Some of the most competitive industries (personal injury law, for example) have costs per click upwards of $150 each. The jewelry industry, for example, is in the $2-3/click range. Our experts spend hours adjusting and tweaking your campaigns to maximize your ad spend.

Pay-per-click is something I can do myself. Why would I pay 4Spot Marketing to manage it?

As with most things, if you have the time, energy, knowledge, tools and desire, you can do just about anything yourself, but most people are lacking one or a few of these items. You can do your own taxes, too, but most of us have someone who is a professional in the industry do them for us so we don’t miss a deduction (which would cost us money). The same applies for these services. To maximize their effectiveness and efficiency (which in the long term saves you money), it is best to use a professional company (especially one who has extensive experience – as 4Spot Marketing does).

Why do your pay-per-click services have a set-up fee?

Pay-per-click requires a lot of time, energy, and research to set up properly, as well as custom graphics/images created for each ad group that we do. We recoup this up-front cost with our set-up fee.

Do you do Bing and Yahoo ads, too?

We do not do Bing and Yahoo ads at this time. Google and Facebook drive the majority of all pay-per-click traffic and have the largest display network in the world, so we have focused our time and energy in becoming experts in their systems.

Are you a Certified Consultant?

We are proud to say that we are Google certified in all five of their specialties and we are recognized as a Google Partner. You can view our Google Partner status here:

How do I know you are good at Facebook ads?

Our Facebook advertising expert used to work for Facebook in their ads department. He worked on helping 100-150 different companies per quarter optimize their ad accounts. He’s worked with tens of millions of dollars in ad spend and has seen just about every type of company. He is a rock-star!