As you know, we love super-ninja stuff here at 4Spot Marketing.

We have something pretty awesome to tell you about today, to help get you started!


Slybroadcast is a direct to voicemail service that allows you to record a message, upload your contacts’ phone numbers and send it out with the touch of a button. Using slybroadcast is a great way to be more productive while still maintaining a personal connection with your contacts.

We use this in our marketing and our clients’ marketing efforts integrated with their marketing automation system (through a third party like Zapier).

One use case is for a realtor. We set up a system so that when someone submits a form on his website, it goes into his automation software, then triggers out to slybroadast and leaves a voice message on their mobile phone (“Hey, this is Steve. I saw you just submitted a form on my website…”). We then text the prospect from Steve, and then we text Steve to let him know that he just ‘called’ and texted this prospect, so he’s not surprised when they call him. Pretty ninja, huh?

We hope you find this tool useful.