You may have heard Google recently launched an ad filter for their Chrome browser. However, there’s no reason to fear for your advertising campaign since this won’t have an impact on your ads. Its main objective is invasive advertising, the kind that pops up in your face or when a video starts playing automatically and you can’t identify which tab the sound is coming from. The notable thing is that this is the first ad blocker incorporated into the popular browser.

As mentioned above, this comes as a response against intrusive and invasive advertising, which ends up creating a poor experience for internet users. Google recognizes, however, that this isn’t a problem caused by advertisements or advertisers, but a problem caused by the sites delivering these ads. Internet users polled by the Coalition for Better Ads expressed that flash-animated banner ads, auto playing video ads and full-page ads are the biggest issues while browsing the internet.

What does this mean for you? No difference at all. Chrome’s ad blocker won’t affect your paid advertising campaign. Some sites displaying your ads might be penalized but you don’t have to pay for those and your ads will still be displayed on other complying websites. If, however, you use AdSense to generate revenue, just make sure you don’t have banners that cover the screen or turn browsing your website into a chore.

Your current campaigns or any new ones you want to create won’t be affected, so reach out to us for your free consultation and start an advertising campaign that will turn all your investment into profit.