Both your customers and potential customers tend to rely on their mobile gadgets for more than just communicating with peers. Nowadays, a great number of website visits and online purchases are made through a mobile device. Many of the customers looking to buy your unique pieces of jewelry or locate your physical store, will most likely try to get more information through your website, while on the move. This is why the importance of employing mobile-friendly website design has only increased through time.

What is mobile-friendly web design?

When we mention mobile friendly web design, we mean that the information on your website (which includes images, content, multimedia, hyperlinks and the like) is easily accessible on all the different platforms and, most importantly, on the smaller screens in smartphones and sometimes, tablets.


That is the basic version of the definition, from a more complex point of view, it means making the most out of the amazing potential of mobile devices, in order to deliver a satisfying yet effective experience to users who are on the move.

Desktop vs Mobile

When considering the design for smaller screens such as those on mobile devices, you need to recognize three main differences between both experiences:


  1. There is less space in mobile design
  2. Attention can be hard to keep
  3. Mobile users are goal oriented. Which means they are looking to find a specific piece of information for their task at hand and leave.


These three reasons are why it’s important to simplify when we’re talking about mobile design. Your Jewelry Store website design should be streamlined with specific information and less functions than your desktop site. All elements, such as buttons, links, and images need to be resized to be functional and easy to read. Having to navigate through multiple subpages should also be reduced as much as possible.

Three Things That Will Negatively Affect Your Design

Google is now giving more importance to websites that are extremely mobile-friendly. The search engine pays special attention to three defects that you should avoid when you will render your site on a small screen.


  1. If the text is unreadable or the users can’t understand what’s on an image without zooming in or scrolling for the rest of the picture
  2. “Tap” target areas that don’t have enough space or don’t work correctly
  3. Content than can’t be played on a mobile device


However, Google also helps us out by indicating that the “most easy, efficient and cost-effective solution to achieve mobile friendliness is responsive web design (RWD)”.

Responsive Web Design

Now we’re getting to the interesting part, understanding not only what mobile friendly design is, but also how to approach it. Responsive Web Design is a fantastic design technique that uses a single website and a single URL for all devices. Regardless of where the consumer or potential customer is browsing the web (their desktop PC or their favorite mobile device), the website will adapt and change according to the screen size.


The key to great RWD is how it makes use of fluid grids and flexible pictures or images. As a visitor accesses your website, the code identifies the screen size and different proportion of the user’s device. It then adapts and shifts the content to a vertical stack with simpler presentation. This allows the user to just scroll down and experience all of your site’s content and your products. They will be able to see your jewelry images resized with proper proportions and adequate resolution that makes sure the pictures fit the screen but are still understandable.

Mobile-Friendly Websites are easier to access

Your already loyal, or potential customers and partners will try to access your website from whichever device they have at hand at the moment, whether that’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They’re only looking to get the information they need, quickly and effortlessly. And in most cases, the most convenient device to accomplish this is the smartphone in their pocket or purse.


This only confirms that nowadays it’s a necessity to ensure that your website works well across every platform while focusing mainly on the mobile users.


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