Workplace automation has become a necessity in the modern era. Although many businesses prioritize automation on the customer or client side, what happens behind the scenes is equally important. Automation, such as our Intra software, saves time, and money, and provides other benefits that are frequently overlooked prior to implementation. For leaders and directors, the decision between overhauling an existing system and implementing a new one can be difficult and costly, but this is not always the case. 

Today, 4 Spot Marketing’s enterprise logistics software experts discuss the top five benefits of business automation. We explain how our software differs from the competition so that your team can capitalize on well-deserved opportunities for growth.

Superior Divisional Efficiency

Efficiency is a major concern for many directors and administrators. You are frequently forced to scramble to ensure that your facility is adequately staffed and that tasks are completed as quickly as possible due to a lack of technology. If your facility is equipped with outdated or nonexistent technology, your employees are most likely wasting time on manual tasks that could be automated.

Consider the following scenario: Your team has been tracking facility assets manually in Excel. You have limited visibility into asset health and lifecycle status, and maintenance is only performed as needed. Furthermore, human error in reporting has resulted in the misplacement or loss of valuable assets, which has resulted in higher replacement costs.

Did you know that failing to maintain assets can cost up to ten times as much as performing regular maintenance? Inadequate business process automation can also result in revenue losses of 20-30%. We recognize that these figures are shocking, which is why we want you to be prepared to deal with them. Implementing business automation in departments like mailroom management, asset management, and workplace management will result in a significant increase in task completion efficiency. The automation of previously manual tasks will increase security while decreasing the possibility of human error.

Reasonably Priced

Reduced expenses are associated with increased business productivity. According to a recent Salesforce study, nearly 60% of IT and engineering leaders say process automation has reduced their teams’ expenses by up to 30%. Businesses frequently fall into the trap of relying on multiple-point solutions to meet their facility requirements. This indicates that you are most likely paying for each solution separately, are unable to integrate, and are incurring additional costs to complete tasks and renew subscriptions or licenses with these point solution providers.

Intra gives you the ability to centralize all of your facility’s requirements on a single, comprehensive platform with extensive integration capabilities. Working with a single organization and technical services team saves money on hosting and maintenance.

Check for Security and Compliance

Compliance and security are two of the most frequently overlooked benefits of automation. According to Forbes, cybercrime will cost US businesses more than $6.9 billion in 2021, and less than half of companies believe they are financially prepared to deal with a cyberattack this year. Cybercrime is more than a one-time event that disrupts a business for a few weeks; it has the potential to completely devastate your financial recovery. Automation has expanded in a variety of ways in terms of security standards, including the following:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates computer system operations such as vulnerability scanning and the execution of monitoring tools through a series of keyboard commands.
  • SOAR (Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response) is a technology that uses a combination of human interaction and technology to provide digital input via machine learning to assist organizations in identifying and responding to incidents.
  • To detect and respond to threats more quickly and efficiently, XDR automatically correlates data across multiple security layers.

Automation is also required for compliance. Following a security breach, automation lowers the likelihood of your team being labeled non-compliant. Each industry has its own set of compliance requirements, and your team may be unable to ensure compliance without automation.

You are in a precarious position following a breach because you are working reactively and without automation to save your company financially and legally. Data and reporting are at the forefront of our business with automation software like Intra, ensuring that all of your data is securely stored and your exposure to cyber threats is minimized.

Focus On ESG and Sustainability Objectives.

One of our favorite and most important benefits for the next generation of workers is the impact of automation on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability goals. According to Gartner, social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) have grown by half a year to become the second-largest contributors to CEO attention on corporate issues. Automation improves the workplace by lowering energy consumption and providing businesses with valuable data to help them improve their sustainability strategies. In non-automated businesses, maintenance takes at least 40 hours per week, resulting in significant resource consumption and energy costs.

Without a system, mailrooms take up more space and energy to store packages, and inefficient delivery routes increase your facility’s carbon footprint. Using automation tools speeds up your ESG goals while lowering your carbon footprint. Time is of the essence, with the SEC announcing new disclosure requirements and Europe mandating standard ESG reporting beginning in 2023. You can use intra-data to identify gaps in your ESG strategy and track monthly quarterly, and annual changes for long-term growth.

Automation of Scalable Data and Analytics Applications

It offers scalable data and analytics metrics that can be customized. Because it allows for real-time monitoring of operations rather than establishing a pattern of success or failure in a reactive manner, data automation provides significant financial and productivity gains. Because of data automation, your team receives personalized feedback for each facility sector. Your analysts can access data on departments, integrations, employee productivity, and other topics via the intranet.

We understand that every business is unique, so we created a customizable analytics dashboard to meet your requirements. Identifying relevant metrics, for example, for those who use our workplace services workgroup, reduced task completion time by 72%. Our Asset Logistics workgroup generated $7.75 million in surplus revenue in addition to assisting customers in identifying surplus. Data will rule the future, and it is our responsibility to prepare you.

Last Thoughts

You can automate your business with the help of 4 Spot Marketing. You should not overlook any department if you are considering or undergoing a digital transformation. Your facilities’ requirements are critical to running an efficient business, and you should have access to industry-specific automation tools. 

4 Spot Marketing is constantly improving its software by closely monitoring the trends, changes, and needs of each industry it serves. The time has come for automation, and we are ready to help your business succeed. Please visit 4spot marketing right away to learn more about our enterprise logistics workgroups.

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