With Facebook modules in Make, easily monitor and manage posts, photos, and videos on your Facebook profile.

Getting Started:

  1. Create a Facebook Account: If you’re new to Facebook, start by setting up your account on the Facebook website.
  2. API Reference: Explore the Facebook API documentation to familiarize yourself with available endpoints.

Connection Steps:

  1. Log Into Make: Access your Make account and navigate to the scenario of interest.
  2. Add a Facebook Module: Choose and integrate a Facebook module into your scenario.
  3. Initiate Connection:
    • Click on ‘Create a connection’.
    • Optional: Designate a connection name in the ‘Connection name’ field.
  4. Advanced Settings (If Necessary):
  5. Finalize the Connection:
    • Click ‘Save’ to save your settings.
    • A pop-up will appear, prompting you to sign in to your Facebook account. Follow through and grant the required access permissions.

Congratulations! Your Make account is now linked with Facebook. Feel free to adjust your scenario and include additional Facebook modules as required.