50 Internal Easy Opt out

Hi, it’s Jeff Arnold with 4Spot Marketing. We’re going over the 50. Internal Easy Opt-out campaign. This is a very useful utility campaign that is going to simply, just what it says, simply and easily opt people out of your system. This is something that, if you have an Internal Form and you have something set up where somebody says, you know, “Please unsubscribe me,” and they don’t click the unsubscribe button, you really don’t want to send them over to click the unsubscribe because, at that point, you run the risk of them clicking it as spam or something else. You simply want to have a quick button that you can apply and have the system go in and unsubscribe this person. So, by using this Easy Opt-out campaign, somebody will be able to easily mark somebody as opted out.

So, when they enter the campaign, we’re going to press start. We’re going to go here. We’re going to trigger the HTTP Post that sends the data over to PlusThis so that it can do its magic. And then we’re really, as soon as we trigger that, we’re going to go ahead and stop this campaign. Because that’s all we need to do, is trigger the HTTP Post through this system to go into PlusThis.

Once we go there, we have the…type in Easy and search for Easy Opt-out. Click Add Feature. You’re going to come to this page. It is about as simple as it gets. Why don’t they want their…this information anymore? They no longer, you know, they no longer want our e-mails. It’s about as simple as that. Copy the name of the campaign. Paste it here. Save it. It’s going to give you the URL for the HTTP Post. Copy that. Go back into the campaign. Paste it in here to the HTTP area, right here. Click OK. Go back. Mark it as Ready. And then your Easy Opt-out is ready to go.

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