W.E. Weston Powell

I run a small law firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Katrina Mashack has been helping me with the three onboarding calls provided by Keap.

I have been so blown away by Katrina that I asked her who I could write to about my experience and she provided your contact information.

I just wanted to say that her enthusiasm is contagious and she made what I expected to be a very dry, boring experience genuinely fun.

To be honest, I was on the fence about Keap prior to speaking with her.

Katrina turned that around and is slowly converting me to an Keap fanatic. In the two onboarding calls that I have had with her she has been patient, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable, and most importantly just a genuinely nice human being.

Yours truly,

W.E. Weston Powell

Powell Litigation, Toronto, ON