Boost your scheduling efficiency by seamlessly integrating your Calendly account with Make. Follow this step-by-step guide to set it up:


  • You need to have an active Calendly account. If you don’t, sign up at Calendly Signup to create one.


  1. Initiate the Connection in Make:
    • Navigate to Make and access the Calendly module.
    • Click on ‘Create a connection’ to open the dialog.
    • Fill in a descriptive name for this connection under ‘Connection name’.
    • Click ‘Continue’.
  2. Authorize Make on Calendly:
    • Post clicking ‘Continue’ in Make, you’ll be directed to Calendly’s website.
    • Calendly will present a prompt asking for your consent to allow Make access to your account.
    • Confirm your intent by clicking on ‘Connect to Calendly‘.

And that’s it! The connection between your Calendly account and Make is now active. Enjoy the convenience of monitoring or retrieving events, invitees, and more directly from your Make interface.