In an increasingly digital world, businesses of every size and industry are becoming more online-first to better serve their customers and drive growth. 

The result? More and more enterprises are leaping into the digital world by digitizing their marketing processes and integrating their online presence with their brick-and-mortar businesses so they can continue to grow and expand while staying ahead of the curve. 

Marketing automation software helps you capture customer data, schedule sales promotions via email or social media, track your company’s spending on digital ads, and manage your company’s marketing efforts from start to finish. In this blog post, we explore the benefits of implementing marketing automation software that will help your business grow.

1. Stay in Touch With Your Customers

When customers buy from you, they are signing up for your brand. By keeping close tabs on your customers and their buying decision-making process, you can learn a lot about your customers and what they want from you. 

This data will help you tweak your marketing strategies accordingly. Customers also tend to be more loyal to brands that are easy to talk to, have good reputations, and are known for their brands’ quality and service.

2. Track Your Marketing Data

Marketing automation software helps you track almost every aspect of your marketing efforts—from which campaigns you’re running to whether or not your ads are working for you. 

You can review your digital campaign performance reports to see what worked and what didn’t. You can also examine your website traffic and sales data to determine whether your online presence is generating the results you want.

3. Boost Customer Service

As online sales increase, so will customer service issues. Digital customer service issues can be particularly challenging to manage. With so many online complaints and reviews, it can be difficult to determine who to contact and what to tell them. With digital marketing, you can easily monitor and track the progress of customer service issues from start to finish and send a personalized response or offer as soon as a customer submits a question or complaint.

When a customer has a question or concerns about your brand or products, you need to be able to communicate with them quickly and efficiently. Automating customer service calls will drastically reduce the wait time for customers to get in touch with you. 

Even if you have a team of employees who are responsible for handling customer service issues, you’ll still be able to assist much more quickly with automated customer service options.

4. More Efficient Use of Time

Some marketing automation software lets you create custom time slots for your employees to focus on their specific tasks. This will cut down on distractions and increase efficiency, allowing your team to focus on their work and get the job done.

Scheduling and managing your digital ads should take a smaller portion of your marketing team’s time. You should only have to spend a few hours setting up and managing your digital ad campaigns every month, including creating and managing your campaign strategy. This will allow your marketing team the time they need to focus on growing your business and driving new leads to your website. 

Digital ad campaigns should take less time to execute than traditional media strategies (i.e. buying ad spots, researching demographics, creating ads, etc.) It’s important to remember that digital ads are not as expensive to create as traditional media ads because they don’t require as much upfront investment.

5, Automated Content Publishing 

Growth hacking is a creative marketing method that leverages the power of automation. It is the use of automation to “hack” the system and create new opportunities for growth and revenue through the use of viral content, in-depth content marketing strategies, and social media marketing.

The best digital ad campaigns are automated. As you work with multiple clients, you’ll likely want to create and edit content for your digital ads daily. Luckily, you can use a content management system (CMS) to automate this process and keep your digital ad content up-to-date and visible to your clients. 

Content management systems give you more control over your content and provide easy ways to create and manage digital ad campaigns.

6. Grow Awareness with Digital Ads

A digital presence is essential for any business. By creating digital ads that your target audience can easily share on social media and YouTube, you can grow your company’s online presence. You can use digital ads to generate leads, build brand awareness, increase brand engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Just as with physical ads, creating and running digital ads can be costly. Research shows that digital ad spending is significantly higher than traditional media ad spending and is expected to continue rising at a rapid pace for the next few years. 

This means that if you’re looking for growth and new leads, you should consider adding digital ads to your marketing mix. There are a few different types of digital ads you can implement and these will all play a role in driving new leads to your website and growing your customer base.

7. Boost the User Experience of Your Site

Customers tend to be more satisfied with the sites and services that they use often. In other words, they’re likely to return to your site or use your service again and again. This means that if you have a great experience when visiting your site or using your services, your potential customers will notice and come back to you too. 

Keeping your site or service mobile-friendly is also important so that your visitors have an enjoyable experience while they’re on your site or using your service. That way, you’ll be more likely to bring new customers back to your business.

8. Increase Turnaround Time

Marketing automation software can help you expedite the turn-around time for your marketing campaigns. With Content Marketing, you want to get started as soon as possible so that you can expand your reach and drive more traffic to your website. 

With Email Marketing, you want to deliver the most value to your customers as soon as possible so that they’ll keep on coming back for more. With Social Media Marketing, you want to get started as soon as possible so that you can increase your social media following and drive more traffic to your page. 

With Automated Marketing, you can schedule your digital ads to run automatically according to your campaigns’ performance. This way, you won’t have to keep manually scheduling your digital ads or worrying about the results. Your campaign results will be automatically delivered to you via email or an online dashboard.

Introducing Zapier Automation Tool

The world of automated marketing is filled with many tools and technologies, each with its benefits and disadvantages. You’re likely aware of some of the most popular ones, but do you know about other lesser-known tools and technologies? For example, imagine you had a company website that you needed to send email newsletters. 

You could either manually create each newsletter and send them out one by one or you could simply create a list of commonly requested topics and send personalized emails about your products and services. Unfortunately, this is far from an air-tight solution. You may end up with a series of unbalanced and unbalanced-looking lists. 

On top of that, you may end up with endless emails when you only want to send one or two newsletters per month!

Zapier for Marketing Automation

To help address these problems, was born. The brainchild of co-founder and CEO Oleg Samoilov, Zapier is a popular technology that lets you seamlessly connect apps, devices, and functions inside and outside of your business. 

For example, Samoilov can send personalized emails via Automation’s Email Lists feature, which lets him create, manage, and segment his email lists. Automation can also integrate with other apps and services to let you send direct-to-consumer or mass-market email campaigns from within your business email account.

Bottom Line

Marketing automation is a growing field and, as such, new technologies and techniques are constantly being developed and added to the mix. These technologies are often based on AI and Machine Learning, along with more traditional skillsets such as pattern recognition, data analysis, and machine translation. As more and more businesses implement marketing automation, the benefits become more apparent.

We hope it helped you out with your decision on which marketing automation software to use. Now it’s time to get started using it and celebrating the benefits!

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