Website Design Packages

A good website is worth its weight in gold!  Many websites that are out on the Internet today are older and outdated, or generated from very mundane templates — and you can see that when you visit them.  Additionally, most website developers have only one thing in mind — appearance.  Their goal is to create a website that is only visually appealing.  That leaves all the heavy-lifting of getting people to your site up to you.

We believe that the investment you make in a website should help you generate business!  Our websites are designed from the ground up to be mobile-friendly, and more importantly, Google-friendly.  Quite often, our clients skyrocket to the top of Googleshortly after we launch a new site for them.

Pricing Options

In today’s age, everybody needs a website. We understand that sometimes you are just getting your business started and can’t afford a large outlay of cash to get your web presence up and running. That’s why we offer two different pricing and payment options. The first option is a single, one-time fee, while the other option gives you a lower entry dollar figure, with payments spread over 24 months.

Economy Deluxe Custom
Base Design Package – One Time Cost:
This is a one-time design and implementation cost.
Base Price
Base Price
Base Price
Base Design Package – Monthly Payments:
This is a lower initial implementation fee with monthly payments spread across 24 months.
$995 and $99/mo
24 month minimum
Add $50/mo for ecommerce
$1495 and $199/mo
24 month minimum
Add $50/mo for ecommerce
$2995 and $299/mo
24 month minimum
Add $50/mo for ecommerce

Core Website Design Elements

Economy Deluxe Custom
Pages Included:
We includes the basic pages (home, contact us, blog) as well as other pages you desire.
10 Included
Add’l $150/ea
25 Included
Add’l $100/ea
Brand Emulation:
Based on your existing logo and/or other items, we custom tailor the site to match your branding color scheme.
Layout Options:
We offer a variety of layout options.  Choose from numerous heading and menu layouts.
Current Website Content:
If you have a current website and would like that information transferred to the new site, we will take care of the move.
Mobile-Friendly Design
Our websites are built from the ground up to be fully-responsive, meaning that they are completely mobile-friendly.
Easy Content Creation:
Google loves new content creation.  Our websites are built on the WordPress platform, so adding new content is as easy as using any word processing program (e.g. MS Word or Pages).
Coming Soon Page:
If you are having your first site created, we create a ‘Coming Soon’ page that lets you start advertising your website.  We develop your site behind that ‘curtain’ and then just open the curtain when it’s time to go live.
Robots.txt File Optimization:
We help to eliminate the spam bots that visit your site by installing a robust Robots.txt file to encourage the good bots (e.g. Google) and discourage the bad ones.
Robust Sitemaps:
Sitemaps are the key to the search engine knowing quickly what is on your website.  We install dynamic sitemaps for all of the pages, images, and videos on your site, as well as a sitemap to identify your site as mobile-friendly.

Jewelry Industry Items

Jewelry Vendor Photos:
We have over 50,000 professional photos from hundreds of vendors.  We have optimized them and can use them for your website.
Add’l $100 per 75
Add’l $100 per 75
Jewelry Education Pages:
Provide your clients with information about diamond grading and the monthly birthstones with our jewelry education pages.
Vendor Micro-sites:
Redirecting customers away from your website is a no-no, but that’s what happens if you send them to a micro-site that a vendor has created for you. If you have a micro-site that has been provided by a vendor, we can incorporate that into your new site, keeping your website and branding in front of the customer.
Add $350
Diamond Search Pages:
If you are set up with a service that offers a diamond search page, we can incorporate that into your site.
Add $150

Social Media Integration

Social media is prolific in our society today, however, keeping up with all the tweets, views, likes, and shares is a full time job!  Luckily, we can include a wide range of tools that help to bring all of those social media sites together — in one place — anchored by your website.

With these tools, you can create a new piece of content on your website and have it feed out to all of your social media sites.  Easy peezy!

Economy Deluxe Custom
Social Media Sharing Options:
Having the ability to have your content shared easily by your customers is imperative.  We include social sharing buttons on your site.
Social Media Linking:
Sharing your content on your social media outlets is beneficial both for the content aspect, as well as helping to drive people back to your website from the social sites.  We help you link your site to feed your newly created content to your social sites.
Add $250
YouTube Playlist Page:
Videos are an extremely powerful marketing medium. You can include your entire YouTube playlist on a YouTube playlist page.
Add $250
Facebook Wall Integration:
Bring the power of social networking into your site. We can embed your Facebook wall right into your website.
Add $250

Search Engine Optimization Features

Having a great website doesn’t mean anything if people don’t see it!  Our website development department was launched from our SEO department because we found that many websites, while being nice to look at, did nothing in regards to helping to drive new customers to the website.

Our goal is to make your website work for you.  Everything that we do within your new website is designed to help you get to the top of the Google search results.  Many times, our clients skyrocket to the top of the Google rankings within weeks of us launching their new site.  Take a look!

Economy Deluxe Custom
SEO Optimized META Tags:
We will make sure that the META data (the info that shows in the search results) of your page are optimized for your industry and location.
Add $350
SEO Friendly Images:
We optimize your images for size (fast loading) and use SEO friendly names and Alt tags to be sure that your images are optimized for search.
Add $350
SEO Friendly URLs:
The URL (site address) of your pages is important for the search engines.  We use canonical URLs ( to help search engines know what is on your site.
Add $150
Google Analytics:
It’s important to know who is visiting your site and which pages they like, so we make sure that we have your Google Analytics tied to your site.
Add $150
Google Webmaster Tools Integration:
Having your website linked and authenticated by Google Webmaster tools will enhance your understanding of who is visitng your site, as well as assisting in your SEO efforts by directly linking Google to the information on your site that is most critical.
Add $150

Ecommerce Features

Ecommerce websites help you leverage the power of the Internet to boost your sales and increase your bottom-line profitability.  Our ecommerce websites are built with industry-leading technology that provide you with some of the same, powerful tools that the big guys have.  Your clients will have a hard time knowing if you are a small mom-and-pop shop, or a division of Amazon!

Economy Deluxe Custom
Full Ecommerce Functionality:
If you desire to have a fully-functioning eCommerce website, we have design and implement those features for you.
N/A Add $2500
Add/Upload eCommerce Products:
We will add your products to your website. Please contact us for pricing as it will vary based on number of products and whether they are being manually input or uploaded.
N/A Variable Variable
If you would like to allow your customers to register with your site and set up their own Wishlists, we can add this functionality.
N/A Add $750

Hosting and Maintenance Services

Did you know that Google loses 10% of their website traffic for every 200 milliseconds (that’s 2/10th of second) that their site slows down?  People want pages that load instantly and they don’t want to wait for your images and content to load.  Their attention spans have diminished and they want information now.

By hosting your website with us, you will be using the fastest and most powerful servers available.  This hosting service was built from the ground up to host WordPress websites (the platform upon which we build) — so it is super-optimized to provide blazingly fast website speeds.

And, by partnering that with a WordPress Maintenance Plan, you are sure to keep everything up-to-date, safe and secure, and working at it’s optimum efficiency.

Economy Deluxe Custom
WordPress Website Hosting Plan:
Our WordPress website hosting is the best in the business.  All of our sites should remain hosted with our plan, but some plans require it.
for first 12 months
First month FREE
First month FREE
WordPress Maintenance Plan:
Just as your car needs routine maintenance to stay in good shape, your website does too.  Our WordPress Maintenance plan keeps your site running smoothly.
for first 12 months
First month FREE
First month FREE

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