WordPress Tutorial: How to … Hyperlinks

WordPress Tutorial: How to … Hyperlinks2017-09-16T04:52:43-07:00

Hyperlinks give you the ability to link a word or group of words to another page or post on your site or to any other page on the web. To create a hyperlink from the text editor, highlight the word or words you would like to link from and click the Create or Edit Link icon in the toolbar. A pop-up dialog box will appear asking for you to first enter the page URL you would like to link to. Simply paste him or type the web address you would like your visitors to be redirected to when clicking the link.

The title can be used to give more information about the link when it is hovered over. The checkbox below the title gives you the option to either have the page open in the current window or tab that your user is in or to open a new tab. Below this are a few options for entering a page to link to from your website.

In the Search box you can begin typing the title of the page or post you would like to link to and a list of pages will populate for you to select from. Click the page or post you would like to link to and the URL and Title fields will automatically populate. Click the Add Link button and the link will be added. To remove the link, simply click on the link in the text editor and then select the Unlink icon in the toolbar. Be sure to click the Preview Changes button to preview the changes or click Update to go live with the changes immediately.