WordPress Tutorial: How to … Excerpts

WordPress Tutorial: How to … Excerpts2017-09-16T04:53:11-07:00

By default, WordPress displays your posts in its entirety on your front page. This can be an exhausting experience for your visitors if your posts are longer.

To fix this, you can create a post excerpt. In order for experts to function on your site, you must first go into your Settings in the sidebar and select Reading. By default articles in a feed are set to full text. Set this to Summary and click Save.

Now we can create excerpts in our posts. If you don’t see the Excerpt module on the Add New Post page, you will need to enable it. Just click Screen Options at the top of the page and check the box next to Excerpt. Now we can see our Excerpt module. Here you can write a brief summary about your post or just copy a line from the post itself.

When you are done, hit Update. Depending on your theme, you may notice that your full post is still being displayed. This is because excerpts are meant to work with your post in RSS feeds, which are usually used with widgets. In order to have your summaries on the front page, there is another option that we can use.

In your post editor there is an option called the insert more tag. Simply put your cursor at the point you would like the summary to end and click the add more tag icon. This will separate your post with a line showing how much visitors can preview. Now when we hit update and go to our front page, you can see that our full content is no longer shown and we have the option to continue reading.