WordPress Tutorial: How to … Embed Videos

WordPress Tutorial: How to … Embed Videos2017-09-16T04:52:57-07:00

WordPress lets you embed videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and more. To embed a video in your post, simply copy and paste the video URL and put it on its online. WordPress will automatically recognize what it is and format the video into your post.

If you want to include a video next to a line of text you are going to have to write a short expression. In front of the URL type an open square bracket,

[, followed by the word in embed, and close it with another square bracket. On the other end of the link type an [/embed and then enclose it with another bracket. This tells WordPress that it’s a video and not some random text.

Some sites have customizable embed tags that give you more control over how the link is shown in your post. Copy this and go to the Text tab in your editor and paste the code where you would like the content to be seen. When you are done, hit preview to preview the post. Click Update or Publish to finalize your post and make it public.