WordPress Tutorial: How to …Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus

WordPress Tutorial: How to …Creating and Managing Custom Navigation Menus2017-09-18T02:12:11-07:00

A Menu is a great way to allow visitors easy navigation throughout your site as well as completing its overall look. To create a custom menu, go to Appearances in the sidebar and select Menus. Type in a name for your menu and click Create Menu.

In the Pages box, you can choose from a list of pages you have already created to put in your menu. Just check the ones you want to include and click Add to Menu.

You can also add outside links from other sites by clicking on Links. Just type in the URL of the site and what you want it to be called in your menu and click Add to Menu. Just like the Pages box, the Categories box lets you add any categories that you have already created. Just select what you want and add it to the menu.
Once you’ve added items to the menu, you can reorder them however you like. Click and drag items to the right to create submenus for the item above. Clicking the dropdown arrow lets you see more options for your items. If you wish to remove an item, simply hit Remove. Clicking cancel will remove any changes that you have made to the item.

If you want the new pages that you create to automatically be added to your menu, you can check this option. Depending on your theme, you may be able to choose from different locations that your menu will be available. For more menu options, click the Screen Options tab at the top of the page.

Once you have done, don’t forget to click Save Menu to save all the changes that you have made. To see your changes, hit your website’s name at the top of the page.