Vape has become one of the fastest growing industries in the current times. Many people are looking for better alternatives to smoking in order to take care of their health, so we might continue to see this trend in the future.

If you work in this industry, you might have noticed the need for a website. Almost all businesses nowadays have a website, since it has become an essential tool for multiple sectors. This is particularly important if you’re trying to sell products online. And considering how many different companies are selling everything, from vape flavors to e-cigarettes, it’s necessary to make sure that your website catches the public’s attention to help them choose your company. To help you accomplish this, follow our guidelines below.

Your Vape Shop is not just a retail business

The first step is analyzing your business type before planning the design. Your Vape Shop has many different aspects than those of a retail clothing shop, sports goods store or shoe store. This is why your website design will also be different than these industries’ websites. In these stores, people normally prefer to visit the physical location since they need to try on the product before making a purchase. So even if they see a product they like on the website, the website is just a medium to the physical location most of the time.

Vape Shops are a different matter. Some of your customers will prefer visiting your store, if you have a physical one, but a good portion of your customers will buy your products through your website. This means that your website should serve these two purposes. Navigating around your website should feel natural and create an enjoyable experience for your visitors.

Use a professional design

As we mentioned earlier, this is a growing industry, and it’s growing quickly. However, there are still many companies marketing their product through a homemade website that doesn’t look professional. Consumers –our possible buyers– can be heavily influenced by the way a site looks and immediately relate that to the quality of the product.

Make sure you use a professional design for your online website; this will transmit a good image for your company and will make users want to stay in your website longer by creating a pleasant experience. And the more time the users spend on your website, the more likely they become to buy your products.

Additionally, important information such as phone number, operating hours, physical location or address, etc., should be readily and easily accessible to your visitors from every page. A customer will rarely navigate through several pages just to find a way to contact you or purchase your products, so make sure they can always find this information

Don’t forget SEO

Since this is a growing industry with a very high demand, many people are getting into it, which means there is also a lot of competition. With so many Vape Shop websites out there, you need to make your website easily accessible to potential buyers. To accomplish this we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since computers and search engines don’t view your website the same way a person does. This way, as soon as someone starts searching for “vape shops in [your area]”, your company will be the first result to pop up.

Make it unique

We hear this word often, and for a good reason. This isn’t your average business, so you shouldn’t have an average website. You need to hold your customer’s attention while they browse through your products, so you want to keep them engaged and make sure they stay longer next time.

This can be accomplished in many ways. For example, make sure you use vivid images and colors. Classic corporate colors won’t really transmit the correct image for your business, in most cases, so you would need to find vibrant colors that elicit emotions in your potential buyers. Also, make sure you use these images mixed up with text and group said content in smaller groups that are easier on the eyes. Large blocks of text might end up driving people away from your website.

However, your website design should still have a clear structure and navigation. It’s definitely not a good idea to have a design so unique that people can’t find their way around in order to find your products. This is why it is very important to make sure that everything seems logical to your target audience and they feel comfortable in your website.

Content is king

Content will forever be the king of the internet. Your product and images might get people to your website, but what will make sure they stay there or return? Content. This can create a bond between people and your business which would make them more likely to continue buying your products. Consider creating a blog and specially a “How to” section. This way, you’re not only attracting current vape users, but also people thinking about getting into it. Other useful articles on your blog, paired with good use of imagery and design, as mentioned previously, will turn your website into a good source for potential customers that can eventually turn into loyal customers.

Make it mobile

Nowadays most people browse information, products, stores and more, through their cellphones or tablets. This means that it has become more important to make your website mobile-friendly, and not doing so might be causing you to miss out on many potential customers. With so much competition, you need to make sure you’re using all the tools possible to your advantage. You should preferably rely on responsive web design, this way your same website can adapt according to the user’s screen size without losing functionality.


After following these guidelines when launching or improving your website, if you believe you still need assistance to increase the effectiveness of your vape shop’s web presence, reach out to us and receive professional guidance to take your store to the next level. We can redesign your website to make sure it truly displays the quality of your product and transforms casual browsers into recurrent buyer