In this video I’m gonna show you how to set up a sequence that will automatically run some sort of automation. In my case I’m just gonna add a tag where you can run some sort of automation based on the order form that somebody uses.

Many case studies for this would be, if you are providing individual order forms for individual companies, to be able to offer their employees the ability to sign up for your online service at a discount or something along those lines where you’re going to really need to identify and tag the people that are coming in and/or start some sort of other automation based on the actual order form, as opposed to the product but the actual order form they ordered.

So what we’re going to do here is, the big key to this whole campaign is going to be the web page automation. Web page automation basically will trigger something when they visit a particular form. However, if you notice, inside of Keap’s order forms, there’s no way to identify the URL of the thank you page.

We’ve tried to go through and actually apply this information using the thank you page, inside of the order forms, but it doesn’t seem to work because the order form thank you URL is dynamically generated and you need to identify the information as far as the URL is gonna be used inside of your web page automation. So, that doesn’t work.

So, now we have to have a little bit of a workaround in order to get there but here’s how you do that. So if you’re looking to add tags based on an order form or automate something based on the order form that was filled out, here’s the campaign that you need.

We start with our own web form here. This web form is not going to be one that we actually use for any type of submission. We’re really just gonna use it as a landing page and I’ll show you how to configure that. Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go into the web page automation and we’re gonna say if somebody lands on this page, then we want to trigger this automation. Again in my case, all I’m gonna do is add a tag to this person because that tag will then drive other automation, but in this case I just wanna add a tag.

So the first thing we wanna do is on your web form, I’ve edited a little bit here, but what happens is normally you come up, you have your e-mail address and you get your name listed there. So what you want to do is add a snippet and add your image, which I did here, and then you want to go in and add some paragraph text, which I did here. I formatted that to be big, you can put whatever you want into this area. I also went down and added a spacer here. Now, you don’t want this “Submit” button because that just looks kind of strange, there’s nothing to submit here, it’s just a landing page.

So what you can do is you can edit this “Submit” button so that it goes away. Go to advanced styling and change everything to white, which is F, F, F, F, F. So go F, F, F, 3 is good enough. Change here and then change here. As you can see I was playing with this before I started. And then down here under rounded corners, I just take that down to zero.

So now what happens is, when you save that, it goes away. It’s still there, I should say it’s still there, but it is all white, so therefore it kinda vanishes. So now when somebody sees this page, it looks like just a landing page, and that’s all the information you need. So you have this landing page, you want to go up and grab the code of the landing page, use the hosted version, right here, use this link. Copy that and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to go into the web page automation down here, where it says “Add URL.” We’re going to paste that URL, you have to hit “Enter.” If you hit “Save” it doesn’t save. So you have to hit “Enter” to register that, then we want to copy this Javascript, hit “Copy,” it copied it for us. And then we need to go back to the web form and inside this web form, the way we’re going to identify that somebody landed here is we need to add some HTML script.

So we need to add that script. I like to put it down here toward the bottom. I’m just going to paste that script in there and it shows there’s a non-visible script, and then go ahead and do whatever you want to do with your automation.

So at this point you’ve configured this so that when somebody hits this web form, it’s going to trigger this automation. So now what you need to do is you to go into your web form, grab your URL. So go into your code, grab this URL and it’s always been recommended to use the web form, the ugly URL. Don’t use the pretty URL because if at some point in time you decide to change that pretty URL to make it something else, it will screw up any and all automation. And since this is all automated and nobody sees it, it doesn’t matter.

So copy that and then we’re going to go back in and you’ll change your order form and inside that order form you’re gonna to go in and you’re gonna to be able to tie in the fact that you’re going to go to that URL for the landing page of your order form.

So now you go to your order forms inside of your e-commerce section, click on the order form that you want. I just have a test order form here, and then inside of this system all you’re going to do is on your thank you page, change this URL right here, drop down instead of going to the regular thank you page, you want to go to a web address, paste that in there and then save.

And now what’s going to happen is when your person completes their order form, they will land on that landing page that we had. So it comes to this landing page which is our little, it’s really a web form but it’s actually is going to be our landing page for this conversion, and so this is going to be our landing page. Inside of this landing page we have our HTML code. That HTML code is going to trigger our web page automation, the web page automation then will apply the tags or generate whatever automation we want.

So if you’re trying to drive automation or trigger automation based on an order form in Keap or add a tag based on an order form used in Keap, this is going to be the way to do it.

If you have any questions, please visit our website at and use the contact form and let me know. You can click right here and that will get you through as well.