With Google banning vape-related advertising Google AdWords, organic search rankings have become extremely important.  Here is a quick overview on the SEO success with a vape shop website that we’ve had.

When they started with us, they had a Lightspeed ecommerce platform website.  We started doing vape shop SEO for the site and got an immediate jump in rankings.  They decided that they wanted to move to one of our vape shop ecommerce websites for ease of use and the fact that our sites are built from the ground up to be Google-optimized.

We stopped SEO for a few months.  That caused the rankings to dip a little due to the structure of the Lightspeed site.  When we launched our new vape shop ecommerce website, you can see the huge jump that they took in the search rankings.

If you are interested in a new ecommerce website for your vape shop, or need to boost your vape shop SEO rankings, contact us today for a free rank analysis and free consultation!