WordPress 4.0 has been released and it has a lot of great features.  Embedding content has become much easier and doesn’t require the use of a plugin.  Video embeds are probably going to be the most common items embedded, particularly YouTube videos.

When I embedded my first YouTube video on a client site using the new WordPress 4.0 platform, I noticed that the ‘related videos’ automatically showed up at the end of the video.  For regular blog sites that may be okay, but for a professional website that only wants to show the content that they control, having the related videos show up at the end of YouTube video doesn’t work.

How to Remove Related Videos in WordPress 4.0 Embed

It took me a while to find out how to remove related videos in WordPress 4.0 … and I was surprised that the solution was quite simple.

In the new WordPress 4.0, to remove related videos from the embedded video, simply add this to the end of the video URL: “&rel=0″

That simply tells WordPress that we want zero related videos to show at the end of the video.

Hopefully this help!