Are you familiar with the wonderful benefits of marketing automation? How does a product that will streamline, automate, and monitor redundant marketing tasks sound? You’re probably thinking such a tool would be amazing, but a good automation platform should be about more than making things simpler for the marketing team. One of its uses should be to help you close more deals.

You may be curious as to how you can implement the various aspects of marketing automation to improve sales. This article will offer valuable tips for doing just that.

Lead Scoring is a Key Ingredient for Successful Marketing

If you have been involved with sales for any amount of time, then I’m sure you are familiar with the term “unqualified leads”. It can be a daunting task trying to determine when a prospect is ready for a sale, but the right marketing automation platform will score all leads for you from behind the scenes.

Lead scoring is an automated methodology that determines which potential customers are ready to refer directly to sales and which ones still need to be nurtured through marketing. It can also track demographic information to give a higher score to leads that match your ideal buyer profile. When a lead reaches the mark that you have predetermined, it is considered to be sales-ready and then forwarded to the sales team.

Lead scoring helps save precious time that your sales team may otherwise waste on unqualified leads. In turn, shortening overall sales cycles.


Website Personalization

It is well known that the content on your site is probably the greatest appeal when generating high quality targeted leads. These leads already have an impression of your company by the time they hit your site. Website personalization will not only make a good impression, but it will also increase your conversion rate. Unique customer data collected through automation can be used to illustrate landing pages and particular web content that is viewed by each individual. Surprisingly, even those who visit anonymously can have a unique experience.

Automation helps to identify web visitors with web personalization. Your site will display the web page that coincides most with your visitor’s search. Individualized web content helps you build a comfortable relationship with your leads, sure to result in increased sales.


Automation Provides Your Sales Team With All the Info Needed to Follow Up

Your marketing automation program will provide your sales team with all pertinent information needed to do a proper follow up.  This is another way to personalize communication by tracking the interactions between your company and your leads. Having a CRM system in place will provide the perfect spot to compile and save this important information


Use Triggered Emails to Keep the Conversation Flowing

When your leads interact with your company, it is imperative to keep conversation going. Triggered emails are pretty self-explanatory. They are triggered and sent out automatically when a lead takes action. They help generate more leads into customers while your sales team focuses on other prospects. In regard to sales, triggered emails outperform other types of emails by far.


Track All of Your Leads in One Place

You have prospects everywhere, whether it’s surfing the web, browsing on social media, attending events and more. It is important that every interaction your lead has with your company is tracked. This will help decide how your company interacts with a prospect, depending on what type of content your audience is responding to. We can’t stress enough how important relevant content is. It is the number one way to keep potential customers interested in your company.


Track Your Results and Return on Investments

Measuring you results and ROI is critical. Marketers should be tracking the ROI of every type program they are using to check for acceptable results. By tracking this kind of information, you will know which programs are most likely to turn a profit. You will want to keep those programs in place and cancel the ones that are not creating any revenue.

Marketing automation is beneficial to the entire business, not just for the marketing team. Numbers will be up in your sales department and current customers will be happy as well.