We live in a time where Social Media basically runs the show when it comes to marketing and advertising. In retrospect, tv ads always had all the allure back then; and jewelry stores were spending thousands of dollars in order to reach a wider audience.

Even before the birth of the Internet and tv, jewelry stores were relying heavily on the Radio and Yellow Pages for all their advertising. In fact, only a small percentage of jewelry stores could utilize search advertising. It was a tad bit too much expensive and complicated for them!

The birth of Facebook advertising transformed the advertising landscape completely. In fact, these are some of the features that made it a must have component in any jewelry stores’ marketing mix.

  • The ability to reach a large number of people in any country, similar to tv and radio.
  • You can spend as little as $1 a day for Facebook advertising
  • Facebook ads have the lowest per 1000 impressions cost, being around $0.25 per 1000. In fact, that’s 1% the cost of television! Talk about one heck of a bargain.

So in other terms, Facebook ads are a powerful tool to raise mega-awareness at the most affordable rate.

In fact, if you invest a dollar a day on Facebook ads, you will be exposing your jewelry stores to over 4000 people; people who would otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to see what you have to offer

That means that your jewelry store could have that little ‘umph’ needed to successfully sell its products.

Creating Awareness and Increasing ROI

Thanks to AdWords, thousands of jewelry stores today are appreciating the monumental role that it plays in brand awareness. And with the inclusion of Facebook advertising, they are getting 10 times the exposure to their target market as well as their fans. However, they can only realize such success by doing their advertising with appropriate analytics.

To do this effectively, you can use the Facebook conversion tracking code. So that after you create an ad, you can enhance it automatically for conversions as follows:

  • Open the Facebook Ads manager
  • Click on the Conversion Tracking that’s found on the right-hand side
  • Further click on the ‘Create Conversion Pixel.’
  • You can then allocate a name to it, and then you can select the type of conversion that you would like e.g. add to cart)
  • You can then duplicate the Java Script code and place it most preferably in the <head> section

Versatility of Facebook Targeting Options

There are quite a number of targeting options that you can use with Facebook ads. These include:

  • Categories
  • Relationship Status
  • Geography
  • College
  • Language
  • Workplace
  • Your own email lists
  • Age
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • School
  • College major

Facebook also has an amazing re-targeting option feature that allows you to expand your media and ads beyond just email subscribers and followers. It’s also a great way of enabling an event gain traction and promotion (say you would like to announce a mega-sale for your jewelry store). In fact, you can get people to join your event for as little as $0.15! How awesome is that?

So give it a try…

Since there are different premiums for Facebook advertising, you can get started with the lowest of $1 a day.  It will definitely help you steer and power your jewelry stores’ advertising in the right direction.

In parting, Facebook advertising is truly revolutionary for both large and medium enterprises. However, it’s noteworthy that you utilize Facebook ads in the right way, or you might end up burning through thousands of dollars without increasing brand awareness and roi.

Hence, if you would like expert assistance with Facebook ads for your jewelry store, you can book a free consultation with 4SpotMarketing today and receive relevant guidance as you make your first baby steps with your Facebook ads.