• ADA Compliance Plugin Installation
    • ADA Compliance Plugin Configuration
    • Accessibility Statement Page Created

    We've tested this plugin on a number of sites, and it's currently being used on over 10 million pages -- and it works like a charm.

    Click the button and sleep easy knowing that you are covered on the ADA Compliance side.
  • Allow your contacts to upload files to their contact record.
  • Page Triggers will apply a tag to a contact record based on whether a contact visited a webpage you've directed them to.
  • Test your email(s)/sequence(s) to discover which has the best conversion rate.
  • One-Click Upsell allows you to specify an upsell package (a group of products and subscriptions) to offer to your customers by providing a button that will apply the upsell when clicked.
  • Simple Email Survey allows you to embed a one question survey into your Infusionsoft emails. Based off your contact's answer, you can apply a specified tag, and redirect them to a specified web page.
  • Easy Check-in allows you to run live events effectively. You denote potential attendees by tagging contact records in Infusionsoft, and can include a QR code for your contact to either print out or bring on a mobile device. When the QR code is scanned, the contact will be tagged with a check in tag, and you can choose to store the check in time in a custom field. PlusThis provides an admin panel that provides real time data, displaying event participants.
  • SMS Messaging allows for you to send outbound SMS messages. This feature is for transactional, outbound text messaging only.
  • SMS Sequences allows for you to configure a conversation style SMS sequence to take place upon receiving a keyword, or via HTTP Post, from a contact or potential contact to your phone number. This feature also provides some simple reporting, showing how many contacts submitted each answer.
  • Email Triggers will apply the configured tag when someone replies to your configured Infusionsoft email(s).
  • Video Triggers will tag contacts based on the amount of time the contact has viewed your Wistia, Vimeo or Youtube video. By applying tags at strategic points in a video, you can trigger important follow-up with those contacts.
  • Contact Validator can be used to confirm that a phone number (via Twilio) and/or an email address (via MailGun) is valid and can be used to tag a record if either is invalid.
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