Video Triggers

Video Triggers will tag contacts based on the amount of time the contact has viewed your Wistia, Vimeo or Youtube video. By applying tags at strategic points in a video, you can trigger important follow-up with those contacts.

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Embed Code: First, provide your embed code and click “Next Step”.

Applying Tags: Video Triggers has two options for applying tags. You can specify multiple cue points where you want tagging to occur, or you can specify a number of minutes and seconds you would like the visitor to watch before applying a tag(s).

If you want to use these tags to segment records, we recommend using a decision diamond in your Infusionsoft Campaign to segment those who watch all of your video from those who watch part of it.

Note: PlusThis generates a link for use in Infusionsoft emails. This is required for tracking purposes. For example, Video Triggers will not work on cold traffic coming from Google or other sources.

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