Split Test Pages

Test various pages to discover which page has the best conversion rate.

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Note: The purpose of split testing is to determine which of your campaigns/pages does the best job of converting prospects to customers. We recommend that you perform your split test(s) on small groups of records, to determine which of your campaigns performs best, and then remove the test and promote your best-performing campaign to your list. This will ensure you maximize conversions. This feature should never be used on tests involving more than 10,000 records.

Sequence Goals / Start Tags: Select which pages that you would like to test and which tag to apply to those who visit each specific page. Add additional pages by clicking the blue “new option” button.

Conversion / Success Tag: It’s important that this tag not be used anywhere else in your campaigns. This is a single tag that is applied when someone converts, whether that’s after clicking a link, watching a video (using video triggers) or purchasing a product. Make sure this tag is ONLY used in the split test

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