Scarcity Triggers

Scarcity Triggers allows for you to count how many people in your application have a specific tag. Taking into account the number of contacts who have that tag, you can apply a specified tag based on the criteria you determine.


This is especially useful to create scarcity in your offerings. You can offer the first X number of people a certain bonus.

Select the tag you would like to count. Then setup conditions for when to apply another tag. You can setup as many conditions as you’d like, and they will be evaluated from top to bottom.

You can also setup the feature to have PlusThis handle your scarcity tag. The feature will add a condition for applying the same tag selected in the “Tag to Count” option, as long as that number is less than a number you specify. This makes it so you don’t have to handle applying the tag your are counting in your campaign.

If you configure more than one tagging condition, under Additional Options, you can check the box “Stop after one of the above condition(s) is true” to immediately apply a tag once one of the conditions is met. This is important to check if you have overlapping ranges where people might meet both criteria, and as such, may receive both tags

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