Google Drive Uploader

Allow your contacts to upload files to your Google Drive.


Upload Wizard

The Upload Wizard creates a guided experience for your customers, directing them to upload the desired files, one at a time. When enabled, you can rename each file and apply a tag after each step. When disabled, multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.

With the upload wizard you can provide instructions at each step, and specify which file types are eligible for upload. Additionally, you can apply a tag to the record when the file is uploaded and rename, merging in contact data from their record. The “Add File Upload Step” button adds another step that directs users to upload an additional file.

Additional Options

Storing a link to the contact record’s Drive folder allows you to quickly navigate to a contact record’s uploads. Disabling contact id verification should only be used when absolutely necessary – when using a platform that doesn’t expose contact id

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