Crafting the perfect AdWords ad for your funeral home can be hectic. That’s because you’ve got to ask yourself, how much info about your business can you fit in such a little space?

For example, you’ve got only 25 characters to create a killer headline. What a bummer. Plus you can’t even utilize the word ‘click’ in the ad; which is funny because that’s exactly what you want your leads to do! And most importantly, you can’t even fit all the features of your business there.

Hence, to make AdWords work for your business, you’ve got to put your creative juices to the test.

So how will you make it work?

In this blog, I’m going to share some of the awesome tactics and proven tips to improve the writing of your AdWords ads; and inevitably bring higher conversion rates for your funeral home business.

First things first, focus on the end goal

One of the things that you’ve got to realize is just like you, your opponents are utilizing dynamic keyword insertion and focusing on the same type of keywords. So don’t be surprised when you find that most of your ads will mirror those of your competitors. So how do you make your ad unique?

More often, advertisers lose focus on why they created an ad in the first place.  And that was to provide a feasible solution to the wants and needs of your customers.

Comprehending such a monumental feature is a great key to making your ad stand out from your competitors.

Let’s have a look at one fine example. Suppose you own a business that sells hair products, and you would like to target keywords like ‘Help get rid of dandruff.’

In your headline, you’ve got to give a solution to the problem. But most people usually ask the same question twice. Here’s what I mean.

Most people will normally write;


Here, you’ve definitely missed the mark. There’s no flare, ambition, or oomph in your headline. Most of all, you’ve not given the visitor a solution to their problem.

Instead, here’s a great way to rewrite the ad;

Get Rid Of Dandruff Once and For All

It’s straightforward, and gives the visitor an idea of what to expect once they click on the ad.

Use the power of aversion by inserting a countdown timer

Do you know that its human nature to feel highly motivated whenever your sense you’re going to miss out on something important?

This psychological response is known as loss aversion; and you can use it comprehensively to boost your AdWords clicks and increase your conversion rates.

Just use the simple countdown timer and set it in your ads. This is done by adding the snippet below into your description or headline as follows:


Then the Google popup countdown will show up. Here, you can set important features such as the end date, and then create your countdown.

So whenever visitors view your ad, they will be motivated by the fear of losing out on something great, and will inevitably want to click on it.

You’ve got to keep your ads up to date

It’s always great to gear your ads to something fresh and trending. Because let’s face it; isn’t it more exciting to see something that’s just happened?

The same goes when creating your AdWords ads. And as a safe bet, always refresh your ads every month while gearing them towards relevant, trending content.

Make your ads sound personal to visitors

When it comes to crafting your ads, do you sometimes get tempted to use words like us, I, we, ourselves? If that’s the case, then you might sound a tad bit egocentric to your visitors. Instead, approach the writing process with an intimate style. Imagine that you’re striking a conversation with the visitor. And what’s the number one word that will create such a poised environment? You guessed it. YOU…

In fact, you is the second name for any customer no matter the business. So ensure that you dimension your ads around this key term.

In parting, actively practicing the aforementioned points will make your AdWords ads both captivating and irresistible to visitors. And if you’d like more supportive information on how to improve your AdWords ads for funeral homes, feel free to book an informative consultation with 4SpotMarketing today. It’s high time you made your AdWords campaign count.