If you advertise on Facebook for your Jewelry store, then at one point or another, you’ve encountered the proverbial issue of ads not working.

This can be utterly frustrating, especially if you are parting with a lot of money for paid advertising. However, you can remedy this by looking intently into different aspects and features of your advertising campaign.

In this blog, I’ll be breaking down some 5 effective ways with which you can troubleshoot your Facebook ads. So hope you’re all prep’d up. If so, then let’s get started!

  1. Ensure you’ve selected the right options to compliment your goal

Before getting started with your Facebook ad campaign, you’ve got to ask yourself, what is my main objective? Fortunately, in the Ads Manager, you can select your most suitable marketing objective from a list of options geared towards your campaign goal.

From the marketing objective you’ve selected, Facebook will avail to you the target audience that is most likely to be drawn to your Facebook ad. Pretty awesome, right?

For instance, if you have a link to a video in your ad, the Video Views objective will direct you to people who are most likely to spend time watching videos while on their news feed.

  1. Focus the Metrics of your Ad Results towards your Goal

The metrics and results you normally see are focused on the objective that you’ve chosen for your campaign. For instance, if you had chosen Video views as an objective, then the results table will showcase content related to that.

In addition to that, Facebook further generates surplus data on content such as website clicks as well as engagement. However, this will not be included automatically when you first view the default table of results. To access this information, you’ll need to customize the results. You can do this as follows:

  • Access the Columns: Performance drop-down menu, and then access the select Customize Columns
  • This will then direct you to a list of options that will contain your data. Access the check boxes for elements that you would like to have in your results.
  • You can then save a template by clicking in the Save as Preset box and then follow through by clicking on Apply to instantly save your preferences.
  1. Look Out for a Reporting Plateau prior to evaluating the performance of your Ads

Just after kicking off your Facebook ads, it’s pretty normal to be overly excited and want to see the results after a few hours. However, you’ve got to give Facebook some breathing space to optimize itself for the objective you’ve selected. This way, it will be able to avail the most accurate details of how your campaign is faring on. Viewing the results early can be quite misleading.

So if you check the graph produces by Facebook that comes with your results table, you will notice that the line that represents cost per result usually moves up and then shifts back down again. It will then settle after a couple of days. Furthermore, the line that represents your results number will also move up and then level.

  1. Confirm Message Alignment by consistently checking your landing page

Say for example you are launching ads that are geared to guiding traffic to your landing page, where visitors are encouraged to share their email address and they’ll get a freebie. If visitors are reluctant to submit their address upon landing on the page, this definitely gives you a heads up that your ads aren’t working their magic.

However, we need to look at this more critically. If your Facebook ads are generating multiple clicks towards your landing page, then it simply means that your landing page is where you’ve got to put in more work. There could be a disconnect from the ad page to the landing page.

  1. Ensure that Facebook Pixel is rightfully Installed and Working properly

Having Facebook Pixel working perfectly is great especially if you’d like to achieve a certain objective with your ad. I’ll be discussing more on how you can optimize Facebook pixel to further improve your ads. However, just a pointer; it’s important that you double-check and see that you’ve got pixel up and running with the right page(s) as well as the right places on these pages.

To put it briefly, if you’d like to get started on troubleshooting your Facebook ads for jewelry stores, contact 4Spot Marketing today. You can email us at Info@4SpotMarketing.com or call us at 702-721-9763. We offer a free consultation to determine what approach will serve your company best.