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 Richard Goldberg, Marshalls Jewelers 


I’ve been working with Jeff Arnold and 4 Spot Marketing for about 18 months and couldn’t be happier. I’ve dealt with several people in the website development and management business, however none that gave me the level of service, consulting and quick replies that Jeff and his team does.In addition, within two weeks of the launch of our new website, my rankings all went to #1 in Google and we haven’t looked back! I highly recommend 4 Spot Marketing for a small business person who wants a great web and/or internet marketing partner.

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Adwords Marketing

Google AdWords are commonly known as “click ads” because payment is determined only on a qualified click-through (also known as “PPC” – Pay Per Click). These are the advertisements that show up at the top, as well as the right side of the Google.com search page. PPC gives you the chance to create advertisements and target particular keywords with them.

Ninja ReMarketing

Remarketing is a part of Google AdWords PPC platform, but operates in a completely different fashion.  Remarketing, in its original version, shows your ads to people who have visited your website (you probably have seen the ads that ‘follow you around’ the Internet.  With our Ninja Remarketing, we have found a way to target people who have visited your competitors’ websites, so you know that they are interested in your type of product or service.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads weren’t such a great tool a year or two ago, but over the past 18 months, due to improvements in the advertising platform, the usage for these types of ads has doubled.  Facebook ads are PPC ads and they tend to have a great click-through and conversion rate because people feel that the information they get from Facebook is coming from a ‘trusted source’.  This is a great add-on to your marketing approach.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of being sure that your website shows up at the top of the organic search results.  Quite often people will skip over the ads and go to the ‘real’ search results – meaning the search results that Google shows that are not paid for (organic search results).  The huge advantage to having a high ranking site organically, is that, unlike PPC, you can get an unlimited number of clicks for no additional cost.

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Being seen on the Internet is the #1 way to gain new visitors to your website and your store. Unfortunately, many jewelers don’t understand the myriad ways they can market online and end up wasting money. They think that simply by having a website up and running, people will find them. The days of “Build It and They Will Come” are over.

Google Friendly Website Design

Your website needs to look great. But it has to bring you new customers! Google wants site that are optimized for their search engines – sites that really reflect the individual and local nature of the website. This is how we design your website.

Our Clients Rank #1 in Google

With the Google-friendly websites that we design, quite often our clients skyrocket to the top of the Google search rankings in their area.

Google Friendly Website Design

You are no longer going to be ‘held hostage’ to your tech guy who will nickle-and-dime you for every update that you need to make, saving you thousands of dollars in on-going website maintenance costs.

Did you know that 53% of Google users click on the first link that shows up and 87% click on one of the first five? That means that if you aren’t ranking in the top 5 results in the search engines, your chances of getting someone to visit your site are slim to none (and slim’s walking out the door).

First Page Gets 90% of all Clicks

90%Fill Counter

Top 5 Results Get 87% of Clicks

87%Top 5 Result

#1 Ranking Get’s 53% of Clicks

53%#1 Ranking

Another 4Spot Marketing Jewelry SEO Success Story


We have been working with Jeff and his team for the past four years. The experience has been nothing short of fantastic for everything we’ve done with them. Excellent service, excellent price, and excellent people. Our site is now SEO optimized and the new, mobile platform works great with today’s consumers.We would absolutely recommend their services.

– Dale & Sandra Locken – Sarini Jewellers

Getting to the top of Google is a complex process, and staying there can be even more difficult. Constant changes to Google’s algorithm cause a constant fluctuation of rankings, sometimes resulting in pages completely disappearing from the search pages. Most jewelers are not equipped with the knowledge, time, or energy to try to optimize their site and implement a search engine optimization (SEO) plan that works.  Luckily, our Internet Marketing team at 4Spot Marketing stays abreast of all of the changes that are happening, and we make the adjustments necessary to keep up with these changes.

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You can’t fix what you don’t know!

4Spot Marketing is offering all independent retail jewelers the opportunity to get a FREE website analysis, as well as a FREE website search results ranking report. A technically sound website will help Google properly index your information, which will help in your search results. The search results analysis will show where you currently rank for 20-30 key terms and phrases for your industry in your area.

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