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Jewelry Websites – Affordable Google-Friendly Websites

Complete, Turn-key, Jewelry Websites at an Affordable Price Our website are preferred over all others due to their amazing performance in Google search engine results. Our websites are designed using one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS). Once created, you will have 100% full access to your website to make whatever changes and edits you desire. No more being held hostage by your tech company! The website platform adapts to all browser types, so no matter what browser your client is using, the software understands and adapts to it.

On top of that, Google loves fresh content, so using your new website as the basis for all of your Internet posts (Facebook, etc.) will yield huge benefits for getting you found in the search results.

Responsive/Flexible Layout

It has been reported that over 80% of web searches are started on a cell phone or mobile device. Antiquated websites just serve a smaller version of the same site to these devices, making the text so small that you can barely read it. Modern websites will automatically know what type of device and size of screen the viewer has and adapt dynamically. This is crucial if you want to capture these mobile devices and is considered a ‘must have’ for a website today.

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