strip-mall-sign-225x3004Spot Marketing’s president, Jeff Arnold, is featured in the most recent edition of Jewelry Business Advisor magazine for an article on Internet Marketing and SEO.  His article discusses how jewelry store owners need to think ‘what’, not ‘who’ when designing and building their websites.

When people have a need, they search for what they need and that tells them who can provide that service. All too often when I am consulting with a jewelry store on their search engine and Internet marketing plans, I see that their website is totally driven towards who they are, and the ‘what’ is a far distant second thought (if even considered at all). It’s great that you have established your name via offline advertising, but unless you have thoroughly permeated the brains of the general public, most folks are going to go to Google and search for ‘engagement rings YOUR CITY’ to find what they need. Additionally, all of the new jewelry purchasers (e.g. ‘millennials’ who may have just decided that it was time for a ring), or new folks who have just moved to town, haven’t seen or heard your ads, so the only way they are going to find you is via an online search.

The digital version of the magazine (found here)has gotten great response.

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