All funeral homes share the same problem when trying to gain new clients. That common denominator is local competition. You are probably wondering if there is anything you can do to solve this. This article contains the perfect solution for all innovative funeral directors who are looking to get an edge above their competitors.


Does Your Funeral Home Have a Unique Selling Perspective?

Trying to attract new families that will keep your funeral home thriving can seem almost impossible at times. When we are working with funeral homes, one of the first things we try to establish is their unique selling perspectives. Your USP will be based on what services you offer. Some funeral homes are family owned businesses that have been around for years. In a case like this, their USP is the reputation of their family name in the local market. Most of the time when you win the trust of a family, they will seek your compassionate services for any future interments as well. The value of loyal families can last the lifetime of your business, stretching out over decades. It is very important to have funeral home marketing channels in place to ensure a steady flow of customers.


Take a look at a sample of how a typical funeral home Google AdWords PPC campaign works.

Goals to set:

  • Reach out to those currently in need and pre-need customers who are seeking funeral or cremation services
  • Automate phone and emails for highly targeted prospects
  • Implement resources to drive traffic to your funeral home website and social media pages
  • Use targeted marketing for both pre-need customers and those currently in need that will send them to their own unique landing page, increasing the chance of conversion.

Steps to take:

  • Create a highly geared granular campaign by using Google’s ad enhanced campaigns
  • Use local keywords and audience segments to test ads
  • Create landing pages that will turn heads
  • Utilize the “Click to Call” button on your Google ads
  • Always make certain that your ads are ranking higher that your competitors in Google paid search
  • Try using negative keywords to make sure you aren’t wasting money on clicks that are irrelevant to your business

Anticipated results:

  • An increased click-through rate (CTR)
  • Clicks are well targeted and relevant so that they are being seen by the right people who are looking for your services
  • Ads that are successful and appealing to readers
  • Landing pages that drive traffic that will result in the highest conversion rates
  • Sales, sales, sales!


Google AdWords Can be a Game Changer for Your Funeral Home Business

A well-run Google AdWords campaign will not only attract new customers, but it grows your brand. When your funeral home business can be found at the top of Google’s search engine results every time, locals searching will learn to trust your company name. Your brand will only grow stronger, your customer base will increase, and you will stand out among all other funeral homes in your area.


What We Offer

We have years of valuable experience managing funeral home AdWords and SEO campaigns for our satisfied clients. You can expect to receive a highly detailed, customized service that will earn your funeral home business ROI from beginning, and an impressive edge over your local funeral homes.

Customized Google AdWords campaigns for funeral homes work perfectly for whatever type of funeral service you offer, including cremation, pet cremation, traditional services, military, multiple chapels or funeral home, and merchandise.

What you get:

  • A highly experienced company that understands funeral business marketing needs
  • Cost-effective services with no funds wasted on unnecessary clicks
  • An impressive and quick ROI
  • Proven funeral industry keywords
  • Detailed list focused on negative keywords
  • Ad groups that are fully optimized
  • Well thought out ad copy creation that produces results
  • Monitoring of local funeral home competition
  • Landing pages designed and optimized for mobile devices
  • Landing pages that are optimized to boost your Google Quality Score and conversion rate
  • Conversion tracking that will allow you keep track of your results from your active campaigns, ads, ad groups and keywords to see which are working
  • In-depth monthly reports to monitor our progress

Give us a call today and speak to one of our professionals to see how we can move your funeral home business into the future!