The beauty of Facebook is that it’s got numerous ad types for one to access in order to achieve their marketing goals. Everything from video ads, carousel ads, image ads….well, I’m just mentioning the usual suspects that most of us have probably utilized before.

But have you ever thought of using canvas ads? If not so, then buddy, you are certainly missing out!

In fact, for your next marketing campaign, make it a conscious effort to test canvas ads. Here are some of the reasons why they are pretty effective!

The realm of mobile traffic

In today’s marketing specter, advertisers must know that mobile traffic is not only increasing exponentially, but it will soon be the king of all online traffic in the next few years. Here are a few stats to wrap your head around concerning Facebook and mobile traffic in particular.

  • At least 2 billion people pay Facebook a visit in a month
  • People are spending an average of 3 hours a day on their mobile devices, with a 58% chunk of time being spent using apps.
  • About 74% of millennials today take a decisive action with their life after viewing an inspirational post seen on their mobile devices.
  • Roughly 33% of shoppers do research on a product via mobile before purchasing it via desktop, or buying it offline.

Wow. Now that you have all this in mind, wouldn’t it be a solid investment to make a majority of your advertisement efforts focused towards mobile consumption? So here is exactly where canvas ads come to play.

In simple terms, canvas are full screen ads built specifically for Facebook users on mobile devices. So as to create an optimum immersive experience for them.

Hence, when Facebook users come across a Canvas ad they are treated to a microsite-like experience. That means they can tap, swipe click and scroll to interact with different brands present on Facebook.

So imagine all the benefits you can reap by utilizing canvas to grab users attention, to share your story, and to influence a decisive call to action.

Higher Reach

One of the most essential aspects in any social advertising strategy is to ensure that your message is being received by an audience on Facebook

As an advertiser, you would ideally want to have the most maximum reach with your given budget. So that means knowing how to use the different types of ads that Facebook users as well as the algorithm prefers is essential.

Of late, Facebook has been striving to promote content that is video focused. Hence, wouldn’t it be wise to create content that is both video oriented as well as mobile specific? That being said, canvas ads can achieve such a desired goal.

Greater Engagement

One of the greatest indicators to know whether people are engaging with your content is by observing the engagement metrics.

Despite this, one should take note that these metrics are not the final indicator of your success, but rather a credible measure to determine whether you’re putting out the ideal content or not.

Because of their compatibility with mobile devices, canvas ads tend to receive more clicks and more post reactions from Facebook users. And as you know, more engagement translates to more clicks, comments, likes, as well as shares that ultimately increase brand awareness!

That being said, canvas ads are definitely a great Facebook advertising tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Why not give them a try once in a while? It’s never a bad investment to test out new ads that might just receive better results!

Hence, if you’d like to get started with Facebook Canvas ads, contact 4Spot Marketing today. You can email us at or call us at 702-721-9763. We offer a free consultation to determine what approach will serve your company best.